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Table of content


  1. Introduction
  2. Description of the company and the consulting assignment
  3. Problem definition
  4. Solution approach
  5. Measures implemented
  6. Conclusion

Successful relaunch: online store with baby and children's clothing sky rockets through the roof


This case study is dedicated to the comprehensive optimization of Anton Emma's online store for sustainable children's fashion and accessories. Founded in 2008 by Stefanie Winter, the company specializes in the sale of ecological children's fashion from certified quality manufacturers for babies, toddlers and schoolchildren. In addition to a store in Frankfurt/Main, Anton Emma also operates a fully integrated online store. After the store had become somewhat outdated in terms of user-friendliness, "Anton Emma" commissioned us to improve the site operation and, if possible, increase reach and visibility without changing the design, which still fits the theme very well and is well received by the target group.

Description of the company and the consultancy assignment

Anton Emma is a retail store that focuses on sustainable, ecological children's fashion and accessories. The aim is to offer high-quality branded clothing from certified organic manufacturers for different age groups of children. The company operates both a retail store and an online store where stock levels are updated in real time.

The consultancy brief included the redesign of the main menu on the website, the introduction of category pages with appropriate descriptions, visual adjustments to the menu to improve the user experience and increase the visibility of the online store in search results. In addition, "brand stores" were to be introduced to increase website traffic and make general improvements.

  1. Problem

    The existing online store had various problems that impaired the user experience and led to poor visibility in search results:

    • Unclear category structure: the store categories were not structured from a customer perspective, but from a product group perspective.
    • Low brand visibility: The site was barely visible in the search results for relevant brands.
    • Lack of brand building: There was a lack of trust-building measures and information about the brands on offer.
  2. Solution

    We developed a holistic approach to address the identified problems:

    • Restructuring of category pages based on user stories and personas: consideration of the child's age as the primary criterion for categorization to improve user orientation.
    • Introduction of brand stores and increased brand-specific inter-page linking: highlighting brand presence and improving linking between relevant articles
    • Improved brand presentation: addition of brand logos and descriptions to increase visibility and trust.
  3. Measures Implemented

    The measures implemented to optimize the online store at Anton Emma were diverse and aimed to improve the overall shopping experience for customers. From the redesign of the category pages to the implementation of special brand stores - every element of the online store was thoroughly revised and optimized.

Restructuring of the category pages

The redesign of the category pages was a crucial step to ensure more effective navigation for customers. Based on carefully created user stories and personas, the category pages were restructured with the age of the children as the primary criterion. Here, emphasis was placed on categorization from the customer's perspective, which significantly improved user orientation. In addition, inconsistencies in the previous structure were eliminated to create a clear and logical hierarchy.

This structural adjustment made it easier for parents and customers to navigate through the website and find the products and brands relevant to them more quickly. For example, categories such as "Baby", "Toddler" and "Schoolchild" were introduced to make it easier to find suitable clothing for different age groups.


Introduction of brand stores

The introduction of specialized brand stores was a key step in improving the visibility of the various brands in the online store. This measure included the creation of dedicated pages for each brand, on which the products of this brand were prominently presented. In addition to the products, this also included brand logos, short descriptions and, where appropriate, background information on the brand's philosophy and values.

These dedicated brand stores gave customers a comprehensive insight into each brand's offering, building trust and helping them to make informed decisions. In addition, the targeted linking to these brand stores from the item detail pages improved the visibility of the brands in search results, as search engine optimization (SEO) was optimized.

The SEO Lounge SISTRIX analysis shows that the Anton Emma site ranks almost exclusively for transactional keywords. Transactional keywords in this context are product descriptions, which are defined as the "bottom of the funnel": this is the touchpoint on the customer journey at which the visitor to the site is ready to buy.


Another positive aspect is the visibility of the "Anton Emma" website. Looking at the visibility index of the Sistrix analysis over a period of five years, a clear upward trend can be seen a few months after the start of the project.

Revision of the main menu

The revision of the main menu was a crucial step in providing customers with intuitive and user-friendly navigation on the website. The main menu was restructured and reorganized to intelligently group and divide the product groups. This prevented customers from being overwhelmed and made it easier for them to find the products they were looking for.

The revised main menu was organized according to children's age groups, allowing parents to quickly select the appropriate category for their children. Within these categories, sub-categories were introduced to further refine the selection. These adjustments significantly improved the shopping experience and increased the time spent on the website.

Further measures - outlook

The definition of up- and cross-selling strategies would be another important step towards optimizing the online store. Semi-automated processes could be introduced to maximize up- and cross-selling. This would mean that when viewing an item, similar or complementary items would be suggested to the customer based on criteria such as category, size, color or brand.

For example, customers searching for a children's raincoat would also receive suggestions for matching rain boots or other weatherproof garments. This not only improves customer satisfaction, but also increases the online store's sales.

It would also make sense to introduce a blog in which relevant topics are dealt with. This could have a medium-term effect on the ranking of keywords that are in the informational area, i.e. "top of the funnel". Although it is nice to rank with transactional keywords (see above), it is desirable to achieve "expert status" through blog and social media posts. This way, users become aware of "Anton Emma" right at the start of the customer journey.



The measures implemented were strategic and aimed to improve the overall shopping experience on the Anton Emma website. From redesigning the category pages to improving the product presentation through special brand stores, each measure contributed to increasing the user-friendliness, visibility and ultimately the success of the online store.


Anton Emma Website

With a sky rocket visbility on her website.

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