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Website Element of Musicline

Table of Content 

  1. Introduction
  2. Transition and new leadership
  3. Problems
  4. Solution approaches
  5. Measures implemented 
  6.  The Results
  7. Conclusion

Musicline24:Digital change for an online retailer for musical instruments


Founded in 1991 by Werner Gunkel, Musicline24 has established itself as a well-known player in the trade of musical instruments in Neu-Ulm. Werner Gunkel started Musicline24 with the intention of creating a place for music lovers, offering a wide range of high quality musical instruments. Over the years, Musicline24 developed into more than just a retail store. It became a central meeting point for musicians in Neu-Ulm, especially known for its expertise in guitars and basses. Musicline24 operated both a retail store in Neu-Ulm and an integrated online store.

Transition and new leadership

In 2022, Herbert Bucher took over the management of Musicline24, bringing new dynamism to the company and placing a focus on modernization, particularly with regard to its online presence. Bucher recognized the potential in the digital space and the need to adapt the company to the modern requirements of e-commerce in order to reach a broader and more tech-savvy customer base.

  1. Problem

    Musicline24's digital presence had become somewhat outdated over time. One of the biggest challenges for Musicline24 under the new management was to realign the outdated design and functionality of the online store. There was an immediate need for an overhaul to improve usability, navigation and SEO performance. An analysis revealed the following picture:

    • Outdated appearance and functionality of the online store: The online store suffered from an outdated design and lack of functionality, which affected both the user experience and the perceived value of the brand.

    • Complex navigation: and inadequate UX/UI design: The website's menu navigation was cumbersome and not user-friendly. Customers found it difficult to find specific products or categories, leading to frustration and potential lost sales. The user interface did not intuitively guide users through the website. Important information and products were not prominently displayed, which detracted from the overall shopping experience.

    • Insufficiently structured product categories: Product categories were not effectively organized. This lack of structure made it difficult for customers to find specific items, especially with Musicline24's extensive range of guitars and basses.

    • Suboptimal search engine optimization (SEO): The website suffered from poor SEO, resulting in low visibility in search engine results. This was a major disadvantage in attracting new online customers and building an online presence. The existing SEO strategy (or lack thereof) was not in line with current best practices, resulting in the website not ranking well for relevant keywords.

  2. Solution approaches
    • Complete design overhaul: A comprehensive redesign of the website was planned to modernize the appearance and adapt it to current design trends. The redesign aimed to improve not only the aesthetics but also the functional aspects and ensure that the site was responsive and user-friendly.

    • Implementation of advanced web features: Introducing modern web features such as responsive design for seamless browsing on different devices, interactive elements for user engagement and optimized navigation.

    • Redesigning the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI): Simplifying the navigation structure and making the user interface intuitive. The focus was on reducing complexity and ensuring that users can easily find and access the information they are looking for.

    • Development of an SEO strategy

  3. Measures Implemented
    • Improved usability tests: Usability tests were conducted to collect user feedback and iteratively improve the UI/UX design to ensure that the website meets customer needs and preferences.

    • Reorganization of the product categories: A comprehensive restructuring of the product categories was proposed. The aim was to create a more logical and intuitive categorization that reflects Musicline24's focus on guitars and basses.

    • Improvement of search engine optimization (SEO): A new SEO strategy was developed that focused on improving Musicline24's online visibility. This included optimizing the website for relevant keywords, improving the quality of content and ensuring the website architecture was search engine friendly. The SEO strategy needed to be regularly monitored and updated to keep up with the evolving search engine algorithms.

    • Content optimization: Optimizing website content to make it more appealing to both search engines and users was an important part of the strategy. This included creating high-quality, relevant content that resonates with the target audience.

    • Integrating modern software solutions: The cornerstone of the digital makeover was the integration of the TYRIOS component editor. This sophisticated software platform was chosen for its flexibility, user-friendly interface and advanced features. TYRIOS enabled a component-based approach to website design, creating a dynamic, responsive and visually appealing online store.

    • Customizability and flexibility: One of the key benefits of TYRIOS was the high degree of customizability. The component editor allowed for the creation of unique websites that were tailored to Musicline24's specific needs and brand identity. Thanks to the flexibility of TYRIOS, the website could be easily updated and customized so that it remained current and responsive to changing market trends and customer demands.

    • Website redesign with a user-centered focus: Using the capabilities of the TYRIOS component editor, the website was completely redesigned to achieve a modern, clean and attractive layout. The new design was in line with current web standards and consumer expectations. The redesign focused on improving visual appeal while maintaining the brand's identity, which is crucial for retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.

    • Logical and intuitive categorization: The product categories were restructured using the TYRIOS component editor. This enabled a more logical and user-friendly category structure, which improves the findability of the products and simplifies the shopping experience.

The Result

The redesign resulted in an improved online presence and customer loyalty. The website experience was revitalized, resulting in higher user activity and a positive perception of the brand. Streamlined navigation and optimized product categories made it easier to find products and improved the shopping experience. SEO optimization led to higher search engine visibility, which attracted more visitors to the website and ultimately increased inquiries and sales.

Review the SISTRIX report to see the project's growth in visibility




The realignment of Musicline24's website is an inspiring example of how a somewhat outdated digital presence can be transformed into a website with an online store that meets the demands of our time. Some boldly chosen modernizations and current online marketing initiatives have already resulted in more traffic on the website and increasing sales shortly after the modernization.

Musicline24 Website 

Enhanced version with strategic changes

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