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TYRIOS trade

The sales platform

Digital business has many facets. With TYRIOS you rely on a fully integrable all-in-one solution. Whether a digital shop window with Click & Collect or an interactive online store. empower digital business

The main features of TYRIOS trade

Digital shop window

Click & collect / Click & meet

Online Store

Product management

Interactive order management

customer management

Import/Export via Excel & CSV



Role & rights assignment

Newsletter system

Images & document management

Digital business platform

Digital business is much more than selling products online. With TYRIOS you have found a sales platform that lets you digitally process your core areas of daily business with innovative and, above all, field-tested tools.

Whether you just want to increase your visibility on the Internet or you want to centrally control and handle everyday administrative tasks. With TYRIOS trade, you can manage your business from any location and from any Internet-enabled device.

Manage stationary and digital trade from one central location.

Digital shop window

Show your products on your homepage with a digital storefront.

TYRIOS offers you the possibility to show your products in an online store without purchase function. You decide with a few clicks if you want to allow offer requests, click & collect, click & meet for your products or if you just want to present the products to your customers.

You can display your products with extensive product data, descriptions, images, videos, data sheets, etc. and provide your customers with important information for purchasing.

Functionality of an online store - only without purchase function.

Online store

Tyrios offers you an online store that goes far beyond the possibilities of most standard web stores. Of course, your products can be ordered with just a few clicks, as you would expect from a webshop. But TYRIOS as a sales platform goes much further than that...

The system includes a powerful order management system that allows you to fill, customize and even negotiate shopping carts with your customers in real time, just like you are used to in a retail store. In addition to standard products, you can also offer freely configurable items, services or events, and work with the customer to close the sale.

Sell what you want with TYRIOS, from standard products to digital download items to individually configurable products.

More than an online store, TYRIOS is a real-time online sales engine.

Interactive order management

  TYRIOS order, our interactive order management system, offers standard functions such as receipt, delivery bill and invoice generation as well as a platform to create and negotiate orders online with your customers in real time.

Of course, your employees can also create individual orders together with your customers in the store, which can be paid directly at the checkout. The order management has access to all available products or (if your suppliers allow it) also to items still to be ordered.

Orders can be created quickly and easily, in the store or live on your integrated homepage.

TYRIOS offers your customers all common payment methods.

PIM product management

TYRIOS pim lets you manage your product data in your own structure. Create your own data types, add additional or rating fields to your products. Products can be configured completely freely or linked to other articles to form sets.

Product descriptions and additional data such as photos, PDFs, etc. can be stored virtually unlimited and offer you the basis to participate professionally in e-commerce.

TYRIOS pim manages physical and digital products alike. You can also organize events and sell tickets directly from your website.

Import product data from your existing system or from your suppliers conveniently via the integrated Excel importer.

Online-ready product data is the basis for successful e-commerce.

Customer management

Our interactive customer management forms the basis to centrally manage your customer, employee and supplier data. It also offers you a function to implement bonus programs for customer loyalty.

Based on a role-rights-system you can set individual prices for regular customers, clubs or employees. The stored price scales are immediately displayed to the customer at the checkout in the store or on your homepage.

You can control personalized marketing campaigns via the fully integrated newsletter tool.

Digitize services

Especially in stationary retail, services make the difference to pure online retailers. Make your services visible to your customers online with TYRIOS and show what you offer.

Offer your customers the possibility to book service appointments or have your services combined with accessory articles directly into an order.

We have digitized a variety of services from simple appointment booking to product testing followed by a sales event with TYRIOS.

Make the difference - digitize services with TYRIOS

Images - text - content

With our interfaces to the content platforms Productfeed, Intersport Sportmedia Content-HUB, the Sportshop.cloud , Fashion-Cloud and the BAUVISTA-Content-Cloud your products get the content they need.

Via interface we connect your merchandise management and bring your current inventory online. TYRIOS automatically connects your inventory with the appropriate images, texts, etc. and presents everything on your website.

With TYRIOS to a self-maintaining website.

Newsletter marketing

The newsletter is still the most successful marketing tool.

TYRIOS has already in the standard version a powerful newsletter system "TYRIOS mailing" akitv. The license fee of 9.95 € / per 10,000 e-mails is only due if a newsletter has been sent in the billing month. Thus all TYRIOS users have the possibility to use the newsletter system in an absolutely fair price model.

flexible - transparent - fair

Fully automated dropshipping

Integrate your suppliers into your order processing and automate your order processing. In connection with TYRIOS supplier you can pass on order details directly to the supplier and have the product sent to the customer without detour via your warehouse. And this can be fully automated if desired.

Of course, this also works for you as a wholesaler! Offer dropshipping as a service to your B2B customers and get the most out of your warehouse and shipping capacities. TYRIOS supplier is your open interface to the online stores of your resellers. It accepts orders from external online stores fully automatically and you ship directly to your partners' customers on their behalf.

The dropshipping business model creates a win-win situation between the manufacturer or wholesaler and their partners, the retailers.

TYRIOS optimizes the sales

Decentralized checkout

Our cash register runs everywhere: on the PC, on the tablet and even on your smartphone.

So don't send your customers to the cash register, bring the cash register to your customers! Whether in a consultation or in service: your customer pays directly to you. No waiting time! No hesitation! Instead, directly to the sales.

Of course, you have access to all customer data from the cash register and can manage your customers' bonus program, book sales to their account and create new regular customers.

More service, more turnover - so easy!

Import/Export API interface

The exchange with third party systems like your ERP, CMS, CRM, CAD system or Google, Facebook etc. is an essential feature of TYRIOS. Fast and easy integration is supported by the import/export framework.

You can easily import and export Excel and CSV files.

Open interfaces allow real-time data exchange.

External systems can register with TYRIOS at any time and be informed about events in real time via WebHooks.

TYRIOS connects, internally and externally!

Our advantages for you

Costs    under    control Costs under control

TYRIOS® adapts to your needs. Book one or more packages and extend it with additional apps.

Pay only what you need!

Individual    Support Individual Support

If you have any questions, we are always at your side. With our ticket system we clarify your questions quickly and reliably by e-mail.

The repalogic team is always ready to help you!

Hosting in Deutschland Hosting in Germany

Secure web hosting on German servers. Eco-friendly through renewable engergies.

We take care of it!


Kostenlos & unverbindlich Testen

Your data is secure in the cloud

We take care of your system and create daily backups on external systems (stored for 14 days).


API-Interface / Import - Export - Framework

Die TYRIOS® API provides automated access to all data in real time. With the import-export framework you can easily exchange data via Excel and CSV files. For free!

Web Hosting inklusive

Web Hosting included

Secure web hosting on German servers - DDOS protection, DSGVO compliant, 500MB storage included.

Immer aktuell

Always up to date

We react to current situations and changes with new functions and automatic updates in short cycles.

from 99,75 € / month plus VAT


More information about TYRIOS license calculation can be found in the price overview.


1. Lizenz: 100%
2.-9. Lizenz: 50% Rabatt
ab 10. Lizenz: 75% Rabatt

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