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TYRIOS for sports retailers

Improve your sales, consulting and service with TYRIOS

showroom of a sportsshop

Consulting industry Sports retail

In this consulting and service-intensive industry, we were able to make particularly extensive use of the strengths of TYRIOS.

We have successfully digitized sales, service and customer loyalty processes with the practice-oriented functions.

The focus is always on supporting the stationary store and inspiring the clientele, both online and offline!

A collage of athletes from wasted sports in action.

Shop window 2.0

With TYRIOS pim you seamlessly integrate products of all kinds into your website. Present your top sellers, current promotions or your new products in a meaningful way with all information and illustrations. Show what you have, and best of all, where it is available.  On the website, in the online store and/or in your store. TYRIOS knows what is in stock and where, in real time of course.

TYRIOS maintains your website fully automatically!

Young woman taps on a monitor

Website, blog or product information page

Create your website, product page or maintain one or more blogs. Create a landing page or a portfolio with image gallery. With TYRIOS page you can do all this - and much more - on a single website.

Present your business or market your products. As unique as you are.

With TYRIOS you will reach your goals!

Several smartphones on one table

Images - Texts - Content                    The merchandise management system


With our interfaces to the content platforms Produktfeed, Fashion-Cloud and Sportmedia Contenthub of Intersport, your products get the content they need.

Via interface we connect your merchandise management and bring your current inventory online. TYRIOS automatically connects your inventory with the appropriate images, texts, etc. and presents everything on your website.

With TYRIOS to a self-maintaining website.

Graphic explaining an inventory management system with icons and connecting it to an online shop. The online shop is also shown as a graphic.

Team sports

Flocking is a sales booster in the sports business. Our configurator makes ordering in the online store very easy. Even more, TYRIOS shows your employees the orders with a clear work plan. Order data, delivery date, picking, etc.

Offer clubs an "own club store" in your online store. With special prices for club members and regular prices in the "fan store". With individual flocking you make the service perfect.

Store in Shop with TYRIOS - More service - More turnover - More profit.

Young soccer team hugging each other in a circle and holding up a winner's trophy.

Digitize services & rentals

Repairs, boat fitting, ski service, tennis and much more.

With integrated TYRIOS online forms, bookings, reservations or consultations can be completed quickly and bindingly on the website.

Whether an order is concluded in the store, on the phone or on the website is irrelevant.

TYRIOS perfectly combines online and offline processes and turns your business into a shopping experience for your customers.

The quality of your service is unique

Nothing is impossible! With us you have a professional developer team at your side. Contact us.

It is our strength to digitize extraordinary ideas and tasks. Whether it's a regular customer app, a ski test or a special configurator. We develop your application quickly, customer-oriented and efficiently.

repalogic, your personal software developer

Negotiate like in the store & handle anonymous offers

Orders, no matter if they are placed by mail, phone, fax, email or from the online store, can be negotiated individually. With the offer function, the shopping cart can be dynamically adjusted by your customers and even the prices can be renegotiated interactively. With these features TYRIOS gives your online store a decisive advantage over your competitors.

Create standard offers and distribute them via QR codes at the checkout, via your app or at a trade show in pre-printed business cards. You don't know the customer and still get them personally in their shopping cart. More sales with digital measures.

TYRIOS lets you deal with your customers like you would in your brick-and-mortar store.

friendly salesperson shows a smiling customer a drinking bottle

All your store information in one place

TYRIOS order offers you the decisive functions for digitizing your business processes. This is where the most important areas of your company come together at a central point. This is where customer data is linked with product data, where offers become orders, and where customer inquiries are received via the online store. Every order is controlled and processed centrally here.

TYRIOS order is the central control unit for the success of your business. All sales-relevant processes come together here.

All the information about your business in one place

The quality of your customer data

Increase the quality of your customer data. Store centrally and automatically the respective orders, invoices, offers, cash purchases, contact data and more. This not only makes it easier for you to organize, you can also use this information in a targeted and automated manner for future marketing campaigns.

The data also helps your customers. For example, you can handle complaints in a customer-oriented way despite lost invoices or resell delivered products without having to search for them in catalogs.

Customer-friendly through transparency!

Cube with lettering,Current customer data and various icons lie in front of a keyboard

Users and customers

TYRIOS distinguishes between users and customers. This gives you the possibility to manage several users under one customer number. Employees of a company, several family members or club members can buy under one customer number and get the same discounts. The users have access to the orders and can add their orders. And they can do this completely independently.

TYRIOS contact is more than a customer database, TYRIOS is interactive

Team swears in for a game

Customer satisfaction during checkout -directly and everywhere in the store

Our checkout simply runs everywhere: on the PC, on the tablet and even on your smartphone.

So don't send your customers to the cash register, bring the cash register to your customers! Whether in a consultation or in service: your customer pays directly to you. No waiting time! No hesitation! Instead, directly to the sales.

More service, more sales - so simple!

A person collects money from a customer directly during the consultation with a tablet cash register.

Sell via third party systems

You sell your products on third party systems on the internet or on social media channels? Facebook, Instagram & co. are true sales drivers today. Don't lose the overview and secure your logistics in a central system.

Orders and quotation requests from third-party systems such as social media channels can be processed automatically with TYRIOS.

More sales, more business with TYRIOS!

Man shows products for sale into a webcam and gives an ok sign

Real reviews for your website

Customers orientate themselves on other customers. Use your regular customers and their ratings for your sales. Connected with TYRIOS order or TYRIOS pos you can integrate customer reviews and display them on your website. Convince your customers with real reviews of your product and your company.

Top ratings - top service - top sales

Product development with the help of reviews
Clear feedback about the quality and handling of your products help you to improve and further develop your products, respectively your product selection. With the help or customer journeys.

Ask your customers systematically about all product features that are important to you and store the results in a structured way. With TYRIOS pim, you gain targeted and sustainable support for your product development, your product range selection and your quality management!

With the customer and for the customer - with TYRIOS!

Someone submits an online review

Sales Assistant                      Powerful product filters as a navigation aid

Thanks to the integrated recommendation system, TYRIOS search will automatically display your top sellers and products with top ratings. The larger your product range, the more important it is to have suitable navigation aids so that your customers can find the product they are looking for quickly and accurately.

TYRIOS search automatically analyzes your product data and creates suitable filters in real time based on the structured data provided. This enables not only smart overview pages, but also individual landing pages and intelligent sales assistants.

Recommend what is popular and in demand

TYRIOS search knows what customers are looking for, which products are rated best and which sell the most. The system automatically analyzes the surfing and buying behavior of your visitors and uses this data for our fully integrated recommendation system. Whether in search results, product overviews or smart up- and cross-selling lists: TYRIOS search provides all relevant information to automatically show your customers the most relevant products in a split second.


Returns management - efficient and customer friendly

Customer-friendly returns management is the key to retaining regular customers. With TYRIOS order and its comment function, you handle your complaints in a structured way and at the same time have a complete documentation of all processes.

Complaints are attached to their orders and can thus be traced from order, production, shipping to return.

Customer-friendly and efficient returns processing with TYRIOS!

Girlfriend does not like her gift

Import / Export - Framework & Interfaces

The exchange with third party systems such as your ERP, CMS, CRM, CAD system or Google, Facebook etc. is an essential function of TYRIOS. Fast and easy integration is supported by the import/export framework.

Open interfaces allow real-time data exchange.

External systems can register with TYRIOS at any time and be informed about events in real time via WebHooks.

TYRIOS connects, internally and externally!

Three notebooks, behind the backdrop of a metropolis

TYRIOS Function List

TYRIOS has grown into a powerful system with an incredible number of functions. In the function list we describe the most important functions, sorted by application area.

With the help of our customers and their requirement descriptions, we are constantly developing TYRIOS further. 

With TYRIOS always up to date - the power of digital business!

PDF-Sheet of TYRIOS Functionlist

Our advantages for you

Costs    under    control Costs under control

TYRIOS® adapts to your needs. Book one or more packages and extend it with additional apps.

Pay only what you need!

Individual    Support Individual Support

If you have any questions, we are always at your side. With our ticket system we clarify your questions quickly and reliably by e-mail.

The repalogic team is always ready to help you!

Hosting in Deutschland Hosting in Germany

Secure web hosting on German servers. Eco-friendly through renewable engergies.

We take care of it!


Kostenlos & unverbindlich Testen

Your data is secure in the cloud

We take care of your system and create daily backups on external systems (stored for 14 days).


API-Interface / Import - Export - Framework

Die TYRIOS® API provides automated access to all data in real time. With the import-export framework you can easily exchange data via Excel and CSV files. For free!

Web Hosting inklusive

Web Hosting included

Secure web hosting on German servers - DDOS protection, DSGVO compliant, 500MB storage included.

Immer aktuell

Always up to date

We react to current situations and changes with new functions and automatic updates in short cycles.

Customer testimonials

repalogic and Sport Klamser have been working together since years with the aim of combining online and offline in one system. [...] In doing so, sport is a particular challenge for the hitherto pure online retailer, as in addition to classic merchandise management, separate systems for rental and service as well as digital customer and supplier communication have to be taken into account up to now. In addition, the product range with clothing, shoes and hard goods is very diverse and the supply industry is extremely multi-faceted in digital communication.

The cooperation with Repalogic is creative, professional and unusually fast in implementation. We always find an open ear for problems and optimisation ideas, the paths are short and the uncomplicated support is simply fun.

Many thanks to Dr Mathias Bank and his team!

Michael Klamser ceo, sport klamser Ulm

We have been working with repalogic for almost four years. Until December 2020, only for our website. Due to the Corona lockdown, we were forced to quickly design and implement an online shop. In no time at all, the repalogic team helped us set up an online shop with excellent Google visibility for our products.

Christian Heinzel ceo, sport heinzel

We have been working with the TYRIOS system for several years and are absolutely thrilled! No matter where you are - with internet access, you always have the complete company with all processes and data "with you". Our products are found much better on Google than with our old shop system, which is reflected in an increase in turnover.

Suggestions and ideas always find an open ear and the regular updates of the system to ever more refined functions always run smoothly. 

Many thanks to the dedicated team!

Daniela Bordan ceo, LTH-GmbH

We will never regret the day we decided to install this software. We look back on a successful cooperation that has brought our online shop and our business solution a long way forward. The mobile solution of being able to access our data from everywhere, as well as the flexibility of the system and finally also the acquisition costs are only some of many arguments that speak for this solution.

Thank you for everything!

Günter Gedenk ceo until 2020, musicline24

Finally, all my wishes regarding my homepage and the associated online shop were realised! In addition, Dr. Bank had far more ideas than I did and created a perfect result for my needs. In short sessions via telephone conference, I was introduced to the different areas of my new homepage, so that I can now work on it independently with little support.

I don't even know what I like best: the design, the search functions for articles, the integration of blog and newsletter, the comfortable online shop with merchandise management system and the possibility to provide the data for the tax advisor with one click.  [...] Many thanks to the repalogic team!!!

I am really enthusiastic and will recommend you again and again, you really know what is important for the customer. Keep it up!

Stefanie Winter ceo, anton-emma

I can unreservedly recommend the company repalogic. The team delivers professional results at a top level. For us, repalogic is an ideal sparring partner in the field of technical development.

Christian Rebholz ceo, hr-infotainment

When it was time for me to look for a suitable website for my photography, I found repalogic to be the right partner for me. After just one meeting and a few emails, the vision for the website was set and repalogic went to work. Not only was great importance placed on design and user-friendliness, but above all a high technical standard was set.

I am very happy with my website and look forward to continuing to work with repalogic.

Kristina Brauer photostudio - kristina brauer

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. dr. Bank, our website finally has a new look. [...]

With the TYRIOS software, my customers can configure their own furniture at home on their PC and also order it directly via our online shop. Always being one step ahead and getting new impulses regarding a contemporary internet presence - this is what distinguishes the repalogic team. [...]

I feel I am in good hands with repalogic.

Simon Ruopp ceo, Interior carpentry ruopp

For years, repalogic has been convincing with its unbelievable expertise, even with unusual requests in the area of "knitting". The team is always friendly and very innovative, no matter how unusual the questions are. The competence and helpfulness is outstanding in all respects.

An idea is born in my head, I formulate it and it is immediately implemented with creativity, joy and verve.

Angelika Wieland owner, strick & Wollart

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Dr. Mathias Bank
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