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TYRIOS for wholesale

For a better presentation and more business!

storage of a wholsaler

E-commerce rethought

TYRIOS is moving from omnichannel to unichannel. "New Retail", the merging of all sales channels controlled from one headquarters to offer customers the best possible shopping experience. To achieve this, we link all points of sale, warehouses and suppliers and digitize processes.

Person with ERP system on the tablet in a warehouse

Accept, manage and process orders - online and offline

TYRIOS order manages your offers, orders, invoices and purchase orders. It doesn't matter whether the order was placed on the phone, via e-mail, fax or online, because TYRIOS is the ideal tool for omnichannel commerce.

Orders are collected, processed and closed centrally in TYRIOS. The complete communication history is stored in each order. This way you also increase your service quality.

Dynamic and structured order processing with TYRIOS order.

Office worker working at desk with phone and notes in hand

Process optimization through dynamic assignment of rights and roles

With built-in rights and role definition, you can give your employees and customers the information they need, when and where they need it. When and where they need it. Whether it's pure product information or more detailed information such as spare parts lists and construction plans. TYRIOS makes all this information available on all web-enabled devices. This not only relieves your support staff, but also systematically increases customer satisfaction.

You can set up employee, regular customer, VIP, supplier or manufacturer areas in TYRIOS. This allows you to interactively integrate appropriate groups of people into processes and make relevant data or media accessible to them - regardless of your business hours.

Secure access to relevant data in one central location: TYRIOS pim

VIP - B2B - B2C - D2C

TYRIOS pim stores any number of purchase and sales prices for your products. This allows you to display your products to your end customers, resellers or service providers at the individually agreed conditions. This happens fully automatically: at the checkout, in the online store, in the order management, in offers and of course in the shop window 2.0.

With TYRIOS pim, you can also release product information on a customer-specific basis: Offer your end customers product descriptions, product images and the most important technical data. In addition, you grant the craftsman's workshop access to assembly instructions, connection diagrams, spare parts lists or repair instructions.

Adapt your business to the needs of your users and improve your sales chances in competition!

TYRIOS adapts to your customers - demand-oriented!

The shopping cart - your interactive offer center!

You can create offers with TYRIOS order and provide them digitally or as PDF. But we go one step further: With TYRIOS you can provide each individual offer in the shopping cart of your online store. This makes order completion clear and convenient for your customers.

In conjunction with TYRIOS pos, you can even print the offer in the form of a QR code on a receipt. Your customers scan the QR code and are taken directly to their shopping cart with their personal offer. Your customers complete your offer just like in an online store: quickly and legally binding. This protects your consulting and service performance and makes it as easy as possible for your customers.

The shopping cart is also your interactive offer center, where you can give your customers detailed information about your products, such as descriptions, photos or videos. Your clientele can actively edit your offer, add, adjust or remove items. Just like in a brick-and-mortar store, you can renegotiate prices.


Two men look at a tablet at an online offer

Negotiate like in the store & handle anonymous offers

Orders, whether placed by mail, phone, fax, e-mail or from the online store, can be negotiated individually. With the offer function, the shopping cart can be dynamically adjusted by your customers and even the prices can be interactively renegotiated. With these features TYRIOS gives your online store a decisive advantage over your competitors.

Create standard offers and distribute them via QR codes at the checkout, via your app or at a trade show on pre-printed business cards. Drive more sales with digital measures.

Price negotiations online, with TYRIOS

Saleswoman advises a customer on a tablet in the salesroom

All your store information in one place

TYRIOS order offers you the decisive functions for digitizing your business processes. This is where the most important areas of your company come together at a central point. This is where customer data is linked with product data, where offers become orders, and where customer inquiries are received via the online store. Every order is controlled and processed centrally here.

TYRIOS order is the central control unit for the success of your business. All sales-relevant processes come together here.

All the information about your business in one place

Fully automated dropshipping

Integrate your suppliers into your order processing and automate your order processing. In conjunction with TYRIOS supplier, you can pass on order details directly to the supplier and have the product sent to the customer without having to go through your warehouse. And this can be fully automated if desired.

Of course, this also works for you as a wholesaler! Offer dropshipping as a service to your B2B customers and get the most out of your warehouse and shipping capacities. TYRIOS supplier is your open interface to the online stores of your resellers. It accepts orders from external online stores fully automatically and you ship directly to your partners' customers on their behalf.

The dropshipping business model creates a win-win situation between the manufacturer or wholesaler and their partners, the retailers.

TYRIOS optimizes your sales!

Parcel rolls over a distribution roller conveyor in a warehouse on its way to dispatch

Import / Export - Framework & Interfaces

The exchange with third party systems such as your ERP, CMS, CRM, CAD system or Google, Facebook etc. is an essential function of TYRIOS. Fast and easy integration is supported by the import/export framework.

Open interfaces allow real-time data exchange.

External systems can register with TYRIOS at any time and be informed about events in real time via WebHooks.

TYRIOS connects, internally and externally!

Laptops and buildings in a city are connected with nodes

Product variants, configurable products and group articles

Products in different variants (e.g. color, size, etc.) can be maintained in TYRIOS pim with your own images, your own texts and even your own stock. This way you actually show your customers what you offer.

You have products that are individually manufactured for the customer? No problem, because these can be stored in TYRIOS pim as configurable articles. Define which properties can be configured with which options and display this information transparently on your website for both employees and customers. This way your service becomes transparently visible.

Keep the overview with TYRIOS pim

Two people selecting colour variations from catalogues

Products, services, sets

TYRIOS order supports the full range - from clearly defined products from your PIM to completely customized items. This allows you to sell standard products, services and even digital media of any kind. Customer-specific conditions are taken into account fully automatically.

Your items depend on each other? Simply sell matching products as a set. Your inventory is systematically taken into account.

More products, more service, more sales!

Man with writing board controls in the warehouse

Real-time overview:Access for everyone and from everywhere

You and your staff have access and insight into the current status of your orders at any time and from any place. TYRIOS displays the order, processing or delivery status in real time. This also allows you to link different locations and their employees with each other.

TYRIOS order makes your work easier and brings structure into your processes. Save comments, supplier offers, customer inquiries or details of the work plan for your orders. Keep track of your product inventory and gross profit at all times. You can determine who can see them: only your employees, only your suppliers, only your customers or everyone who should have access to the order.

With TYRIOS no order gets lost!

Businessman meditating, arrows going into his head chaotically and coming out in an orderly fashion

For each other & with each other to success

The connection of employees from production, administration, sales, logistics and ultimately your customers is the key to success. Every person involved has access to the order and can contribute to its implementation.

Clearly defined statuses at order and position level ensure that no order is forgotten and that a clearly defined process can be followed by all employees. This helps to ensure speedy order processing and actively supports the overview of tasks to be completed.

Every order has its own personal administrator, and your customers notice that. They are not simply passed through the large corporation, but actually have a contact person. Your order is neatly documented from step to step and can be viewed by your customers at any time. This is not only transparent, but also actively supports you in acting DSGVO-compliant. All documents, from orders to e-mail archiving, are stored in TYRIOS order.

Transparent, structured and interactive!

Business partners, husband and wife clap their hands to success

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TYRIOS Function List

TYRIOS has grown into a powerful system with an incredible number of functions. In the function list we describe the most important functions, sorted by application area.

With the help of our customers and their requirement descriptions, we are constantly developing TYRIOS further. 

With TYRIOS always up to date - the power of digital business!

PDF-Sheet of TYRIOS Functionlist

All TYRIOS apps at a glance

TYRIOS is as individual and versatile as you are. Find the right apps for your business.

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