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How to create an "About us - Page"?

The "About us" web page, which can be found in almost every menu of a company's Internet presence, is second in popularity among visitors - after the homepage. It serves the self-presentation of a company, reflects its personality and is thus the most important confidence-building measure. Why is this page clicked on so often? There are good reasons.


Is it a reputable company?


Has the company been around for a long time and is it trustworthy?


Are the responsible persons introduced?


What is the effect of the company's appearance?


Is the company within easy reach?


Are contact persons named?

Desire for information with a pinch of curiosity


Of course, human curiosity plays an important role. Visitors to a company website often want to know who is behind a business idea, an association or a personal website. When users click on the "About Us" page, it is a good sign, because they are obviously interested in the website and want to know more.

How do you create a successful "About us" page?


First of all, you need to clarify which target group you want to address with your page. This usually determines how much and what kind of information the users expect. For example, on the "About us" page of a car dealership, the managing director, salesperson, service manager and reception are presented. The portraits of the administration and workshop staff would not bring any added value to the user, as he or she would not come into contact with them. The situation is quite different on the site of an architectural office. Here, users are very much interested in a detailed description of the careers of the architects involved and would also like to see completed projects.

Your story

The story you have to tell is extremely exciting. It should not lack a certain dramaturgy. Or better: there is nothing more boring than a list of increasing successes. In most company stories there is a breaking point, a decisive event or a crisis. This situation eventually led to a trend-setting decision that made the company what it is today.

A bit of chronology is allowed. But please don't bore your readers with too much technical details, but concentrate on the milestones of your company's history. And please, it can't be repeated often enough: people love stories - all of us have one to tell - and your customers will definitely remember them!

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The personalities behind a company

This is where authenticity is needed. A certain naturalness must be conveyed in writing and images, and at the same time security and determination. Depending on the product, there may also be a certain emotional closeness, which you can express through language. Please, no marketing blah-blah or overly technical gobbledygook.

The "how" is also important. Make sure that the photos of the employees are of the same quality, ideally against the same background. And even if the snapshot from the holiday is particularly successful, it looks more professional if the job was done by a real photographer.

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In the text accompanying the picture, briefly describe the background, qualifications and position of the respective employee. If it is a person with decision-making authority (such as your profile), you are also welcome to mention his or her contribution to the company's success. One or two sentences about your personality and private life make the whole thing even more authentic and likeable - especially if this content is spiced with a bit of wit and self-irony.

Be careful not to be too private and avoid topics on which there are very different opinions. For example, you can reveal that you play the guitar, enjoy cycling and love to go on holiday to Andalusia. If you drive Porsche Cup races in your spare time, you'd better keep that to yourself. Ten years ago, it would have passed for an exclusive hobby. In times of "Fridays for Future", this is a controversial topic.

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You should definitely include and present quotes and recommendations from customers, awards, important press articles and certificates. It is important that these are recognized and come from a reputable source. This is good for your brand's reputation and creates trust.

Photos and videos


It is better not to use stock photos on the "About us" page. Be authentic and show the true environment of your company, professionally made videos can be real game changers, especially if you have something to show and/or you or certain employees are particularly convincing in front of the camera.



A photo of the company building, address, link to Google Maps - that's all you need. You can also mention the personal contact details of each of the featured employees.

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