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eCash - Coupon data mass redemption


  • How to redeem coupon data in mass?
  • How to redeem coupon data in bulk?


TYRIOS eCash makes it possible to redeem coupons (Coupon data) in mass. This is also possible using our API.


If TYRIOS eCash is applied with digital coupons, it is highly recommended redeeming coupons using the Point-of-Sales service! It is important to check which amount of data is still available on a digital coupon when accepting the coupon as payment option. Digital coupons can be partially redeemed.

Checking a coupon

TYRIOS provides you the possibility to validate if a coupon can be redeemed and what the current value would be.

Endpoint for the GET request:


 The coupon is immediately validated. If it is not valid, you get a detailed error message including the company, which was responsible for that CouponData object:

  message: "detailed message",
  company: {id: 6, companyName: "...", street: "...", streetNo: "...", postCode: "...", city: "...",…}

In case the coupon is valid, you get the corresponding coupon data as information. 

{couponCode: "AB4DEFGH", couponValue: 50, validUntil: 1672527600000

Mass submit coupon data

To redeem a large set of coupons, you need to send a POST request to following URL:


As payload, you need to send the following data struct as JSON body:

  couponCodes: ["ABCDEFGH", "ABCDEFGI, ....]

All provides coupon codes are validated and redeemed to the corresponding company. If everything is working correctly, you get a 200 status response with body:


If a coupon is invalid, you will get an appropriate error message. We recommend however to validate each coupon separately to be able to present the user a total amount while he is scanning the coupon codes.

Please be aware that in mass redemption, the coupon value is fixed and cannot be changed by the user.



Tips und Tricks:

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