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eCash: Manage system settings


  • How to issue vouchers?


TYRIOS eCash is a flexible voucher system used by many cities and shopping centers as a central voucher solution. It allows cross-company vouchers and the simple administration of bonus points and employer vouchers. Therefore, the system's configuration is extensive enough to cover the most diverse use cases.

You need to go to the Dashboard > System > System Configuration as a user with extended rights to manage the settings. Here you will find the eCash tab.


  • Bonus points: define whether the system supports basic bonus points.
  • Determine whether digital vouchers are activated. If so, set a sample as a regular printout.
  • Determine if analog vouchers are enabled. If yes, put a sample as a regular expression. Note that the voucherss must be distinguishable.
  • Specify the currency of the vouchers.


To distinguish between analog and digital vouchers, please note that both are vouchers in physical form, e.g., paper. Digital vouchers, however, must be checked in the eCash terminal when the voucher is accepted. They are partially redeemable and can even be purchased online or redeemed in online shops. Therefore, checking the current value at the time of acceptance is necessary.

Analog vouchers, on the other hand, cannot be partially redeemed and are also not usable online. They must be retained by the redeeming company, settled, and then destroyed. The handling of analog vouchers is usually easier for the retailer but with significantly fewer options. This leads to reduced acceptance among end consumers.



  • Minimum validity: Determine how long the vouchers and points should be valid after issuance and activation. By law, a minimum of 3 years is required by the end of the year. 
  • Determine whether points and vouchers should still be accepted after this time.
    • Then determine how long this goodwill is valid in days. After that, TYRIOS eCash will no longer accept the corresponding bookings.

TYRIOS automatically checks the vouchers and points, and they are automatically deactivated after this time. As the system operator, you will receive a clearing voucher for cash withdrawal in the process. Please note that this may result in a tax liability.

Voucher creation

TYRIOS eCash supports three modes for creating vouchers:

  1. Blank vouchers: Vouchers are printed in advance and are unknown to the system. All that is required is a correct and unique barcode, which later identifies the voucher. In this way, a voucher can be issued (activated) by any participant at any time, and the voucher amount is entirely free. This is particularly useful if you want to be able to issue any voucher at any time in the eCash terminal without having to prepare it in advance.
  2. Voucher pre-print with pre-set values: Vouchers are printed in advance and given a pre-set value. In this case, the vouchers must already be communicated to the eCash system. Each voucher is already known to the system and only needs to be "activated."
  3. Voucher direct printing with dynamic values: Vouchers are printed on-the-fly. The eCash system prints the appropriate voucher barcode directly onto a blank template. The advantage of this variant: the validity date of the voucher can also be printed directly. This variant is the standard variant with which we deliver the eCash system.
    1. In this case, some definitions of the voucher are necessary so that TYRIOS can then print the appropriate vouchers for you. This includes the dimensions of the voucher itself and the positions and sizes of the individual details.
    2. You also have the option of having the voucher's validity printed out directly. Please note that this is only possible if the voucher is activated instantly when it is created.
    3. You can also optionally store a voucher template. This is a PDF template. This is then automatically used as the background, and you can print out the voucher on any paper.

Account top-up

If you use a digital voucher system, you can offer your users the possibility to buy and pay for vouchers directly online. You have to store an appropriate payment method (e.g., Paypal) and enter the payment method ID here.

Bonus points

If you have activated the bonus points function in the basics, you can define which value should be given by default for the companies. Please note that each company can change this at any time.


TYRIOS can automatically charge fees for all transactions. You can define as many fee orders as you like. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Define a name for the fee structure. You can then assign this to the partner in the partner overview.
  2. For each transaction type, store a factor or an absolute amount for points awarded or redeemed. For example, if you want to charge 2% on each redeemed point, you must enter 0.02 in the column "redeemed points" for all factors.

If you want to store more than one fee schedule, you can store different settings via the "+" button.

Partner conditions

Via the partner conditions, you can store the contract text with the participating companies. This is displayed when registering as a partner, and the partner can view and download it at any time. The editor has extensive formatting options so you can format the contract legibly.

Please Note

If you transfer the contract from Microsoft Word, we strongly recommend that you first remove all formatting. Unfortunately, the word takes over a lot of unnecessary formatting definitions that could cause problems. Therefore, go and mark the entire text and remove the markings by clicking on.

In addition, enter a clerk for the participant registration. You can enter the user name, first name, and surname in the search field and select the appropriate user from the suggestion list. This user will be informed by e-mail when a new partner has registered.

Clearing settlement

TYRIOS eCash can take care of clearing for you automatically.

  • Carry out clearing automatically: if you activate this function, a daily check is made to see whether clearing is necessary. This is then done automatically.
    • The default value for clearing is stored for new companies but can be overwritten individually for each partner at any time. It determines the amount from which clearing should take place. 
    • The minimum amount for monthly clearing is considered the lower threshold. If no clearing has been carried out for a partner after one month, it takes effect. It prevents clearing for minimum amounts.
    • You can determine who is named as a contact person in the clearing with the clerk. This contact person appears on the clearing document, on the corresponding automatically generated e-mail, and receives a copy of the clearing statement by e-mail. You can search with the user name, first name, and last name to select the contact person.
  • Specify whether voucher details should appear on the clearing voucher.
    • Output voucher details grouped: this will output which voucher values have been spent. E.g. 10x 10€, 20x 40€, etc.
    • Output voucher details individually: this lists each unique voucher code on the receipt. Note that this can quickly become a lot.
  • Do not automatically text clearing vouchers: this will automatically add a payment request / SEPA information to your voucher.
  • Set letter template manually: This allows you to set individual letter templates for clearing.

Charge clearing

TYRIOS eCash can automatically settle the fees for you.

  • Carry out automatic fee settlement: if you activate this function, the system checks once a month whether costs have been incurred for a partner and then settles them.
    • The minimum amount for billing: This allows you to determine when a fee voucher should be created. The fees will be included in the subsequent settlement if this threshold is not reached.
    • You can determine who will be named as the contact person with the clerk for the fee statement. This contact person appears on the fee statement, on the corresponding automatically generated e-mail and the clerk also receives a copy of the statement by e-mail. You can search by user name, first name, and last name to select the contact person.
  • Set letter template manually: This allows you to define individual letter templates for clearing.


Tips und Tricks:

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