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Fault tolerant search


Self-learning error-tolerant search

Customers who submit a search query have already expressed interest. It is all the worse if they do not find the desired product. That's why it's important for a search to be error-tolerant and flexible in delivering the right products.

  • Fully automated language analysis with self-learning vocabulary
  • Integrated synonym enrichment
  • Real-time product updates without limits
  • Intelligent input assistant
  • Integrated spelling correction
  • Multi-level avoidance of zero hits


A product that cannot be found does not exist for customers. Therefore, use an error-tolerant search to increase your conversion rate. TYRIOS search provides you with an intelligent solution that makes your work easier with powerful algorithms!

Fully automatic language analysis

Your customers search for "circular saw blades" but find nothing because you talk about a "circular saw blade" in your products? Your customers are looking for a "screen" but can't find anything because you talk about "monitors"?

TYRIOS search's language analysis prepares your product data in the background so that such problems are a thing of the past. Taking into account the special features of the German language, your product description goes through a multi-stage content analysis process:

vier beschriftete grüne Pfeile mit den Inhalten Stoppwort-Analyse Flexions-Analyse Wort-Normalisierung Synonym-Analyse

Stop word analysis

Every sentence contains important and less important words. Therefore, the search engine analyses the text for so-called function words that have no relevance to the content. These so-called stop words are, among others, articles, pronouns and conjunctions. They influence search results considerably, which is why their detection and removal is an essential step towards optimal search results.

Grafik aus zwei Kacheln mit einem Pfeil verbunden. Eine Kachel mit Text "Die rote Farbe des Kleids hat ein schönes Muster", in der anderen Kachel steht "Die rote Farbe des Kleides hat ein schönes Muster"

Inflection analysis (conjugation and declension)

In the German language, words are inflected according to their grammatical form: thus verbs are conjugated, other types of words declined. This means that a word can appear in many different spellings in the product descriptions, but also in the search query itself. 

In order to be able to show as many suitable products as possible, TYRIOS search takes these inflections into account during the analysis. This means that customers do not have to enter all possible spellings of a word in order to find the relevant products. We use methods specially developed for the German language in order to do better justice to the idiosyncrasies of the language. 

Grafik mit zwei Kacheln. Eine Kachel mit dem Text "...die Röcke...,...des Kleides...,...dieMonitore...", dann ein Pfeil zur Kachel mit dem Text "Rock, Kleid, Monitor"

Word normalisation

The German language makes a strong distinction between upper and lower case letters. This peculiarity distinguishes our language from most other languages in the world. However, your clientele has become accustomed to the fact that well-known search engines such as Google or Bing do not care about these peculiarities. That's why we use special procedures that make no difference to the different spellings.

However, capitalisation is not the only peculiarity of the German language. Our word normalisation takes other special cases into account:

  • Swiss users do not use an eszett (ß),
  • Foreign users do not have umlauts (ä, ö, ü) on their keyboards.
  • In addition, many visitors to your shop have not yet become accustomed to the new German spelling.

TYRIOS search's language analysis ensures that all these peculiarities are irrelevant to your clientele. We automatically analyse the texts in the background to find the right products for every search query.

Grafik mit zwei Kacheln. Eine kachel mit Text" Stopp, Größe, monitor", ein Pfeil zur zweiten Kachel mit dem Text "Stop, Größe, Monitor"

Integrated synonym enrichment

Instead of providing each product with all relevant search terms, you can specifically teach the search and recommendation system the terminology of your field. Two different types of synonyms are supported:

Symmetrical synonyms

These are characterised by the fact that they can be mutually exchanged. The definition of symmetrical synonyms ensures that the customer can find the products even if he does not know the exact terminology of your shop.

Grafik aus zwei Blasen. Eine mit dem Text "Monitor, Bildschirm, Display" eine mit dem Text "Pullover, Sweatshirt, Pulli"

Hierarchical synonyms

Products can be searched for at different levels of abstraction. Customers who do not yet have a clear picture search at a more abstract level (e.g. monitor), whereas other customers already know exactly what they want (e.g. LED monitor). Define these hierarchical dependencies with hierarchical synonyms. In this way, you support both the customers who know exactly what they are looking for and the customers who only have a rough idea of the product they are looking for.

Grafik aus einer großen Blase verbunden mit drei kleinen Blasen. Die große Blase mit dem Text "Monitor, Bildschirm, Display". Die anderen Blasen mit den jeweiligen Texten "TFT Monitor, Plasma Monitor, LED Monitor"


Automatic analysis of your product data

Based on your defined terminology, TYRIOS search independently analyses your entire product world and ensures that customers can find the product even if they use a synonym as a search term. This allows you to significantly increase your conversion rate.

The support of your technical terminology additionally facilitates your daily work in maintaining your product master. You no longer have to worry about naming all the necessary terms for each product.

Real-time analysis

A searching clientele has already expressed interest. Therefore, do not lose this clientele through outdated product data or products that can no longer be ordered. Search reliability reflects your reliability. 

With the easy-to-integrate product API, you get the opportunity to update your product data in real time. This means you can always ensure up-to-date product descriptions, current stock levels and current prices in the search results. There are no limits or restrictions on the number of updates per day.

Intelligent input wizards

With a flexible auto-suggest function, you can sustainably improve the shopping experience of your customers and increase your conversion rate at the same time. For this purpose, TYRIOS search offers you intelligent suggestion functions that are characterised by particularly high error tolerance.


Grafik mit Suchfeld und Ergebnissen zu Produktvorschlägen auf der linken Seite und Ergebnissen zu Suchvorschlägen auf der rechten Seite

Term suggestions

With the help of fully automatic language analysis, TYRIOS search automatically learns the specialist vocabulary of your online shop. This means that the interface can offer you both single terms and subject-specific multi-word terms for selection during the search input.


Grafik mit Suchfeld, darunter mehrere Suchvorschläge


Product suggestions

Term suggestions are only helpful if customers know exactly what they are looking for. Therefore, offer additional direct product hits. Here you can take advantage of a very high error tolerance:

  • All products that directly match the previous query are searched for.
  • All products that sound similar to the previous search query are taken into account (sound analysis).
  • All products are searched for that match the search query in partial words (compound support).
  • All products are searched for that contain misspellings or similar typos (automatic spelling correction).


Grafik mit Suchfeld darunter Ergebnisse mit Produktvorschlägen


Individual suggestions

In addition to term and product suggestions, the flexible TYRIOS search interface also allows you to integrate self-defined fields - such as categories - in an input wizard, thus introducing additional navigation paths.

The server-side integration also allows you to include prices in the product suggestions. For example, you can display shipping costs, VAT rates or even final prices depending on the goods in the shopping basket, customer location or customer status. With TYRIOS search you retain full flexibility for your business model.


Integrated spelling correction

A product that cannot be found does not exist for your customers. That's why it's so important to be able to help your customers in the event of a spelling mistake.

With the help of the specialist vocabulary it has learned itself, TYRIOS search is able to automatically search for alternative spellings for every search query. For each alternative search query, you receive information via the interface about how many products could be found with this alternative. 


Grafik mit Suchergebnisse trotz Rechtschreibfehler


Avoiding zero hit pages

If the customer does a shop search, you have already taken the most important steps: the customer is already expressing interest. Actively use this interest by avoiding zero-hit pages. Here you have a multi-stage procedure at your disposal:


  1. In the first step, the spell check analysis is used. If no matching products are found for the original search query, the interface automatically starts the alternative search that returns the most products.
    Grafik mit Suchergebnisse trotz Rechtschreibfehler und Vergleichsvorschlägen
  2. If the automatic spelling correction does not deliver any results, TYRIOS search looks for all products that are pronounced similarly. This sound analysis naturally takes into account the special peculiarities of the German language.
    Grafik mit zwei Kacheln dazwischen ein Verbindungspfeil. gezeigt werden verschiedene Schreibweisen
  3. If the sound analysis does not produce any results either, a partial word analysis is carried out and the customer finds the products which at least partially match in their description (e.g. composites).
    Grafik mit zwei Kacheln dazwischen ein Verbindungspfeil. gezeigt werden verschiedene Formulierungen
  4. If all the previous steps have failed to produce a result, TYRIOS search offers you the option of displaying the most popular products to your customers via the integrated recommendation engine. 

TYRIOS search applies these steps one after the other if the previous procedure did not produce any results. In this way, we ensure the highest possible quality and at the same time a high hit rate of the search results. The interface always informs you transparently about the current search mode, so that clients can always understand how the search results came about.


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