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Create individual search pages


  • How to create individual search pages?


TYRIOS has a compelling, self-learning search with TYRIOS search. It ensures that your customers find the desired products as intuitively as possible. 

But TYRIOS search can do even more because you can also create individual overview pages with the system. Here we show you how to do that.


List product data on the basis of tags

First you have to tag the desired products with the appropriate tags. Either your merchandise management system already does this for you, which is then imported automatically, or you do it directly via the product management of TYRIOS pim.

  1. As a user with extended rights, go to the customer area > product management > manage articles. 
  2. Search for the appropriate product and select "Edit article" in the line menu.
  3. Click on the "SEO" tab and enter the appropriate tags in the "Internal search" section. You can enter as many tags as you like. Separate them with the Enter key or with a comma.
  4. Save the article.

As soon as you have edited all articles, you will find the corresponding articles under the following URL:

https://[deine-domain.de]/search/?g=*:*&offset=0&filter[productTags][value][0]=[Und hier dein Tag]

You can now use this link in your newsletter or on your website. Via the product stream, the desired articles can also be used on any page - e.g. on your category overview.

List product data based on article numbers

If you only want to list certain article numbers, this is just as easy. All you have to do is set up the search accordingly. Let's assume you have the following article numbers that you want to list:

  • 921840
  • 921841
  • 921842

Then the appropriate search query would be created simply by linking these numbers with OR (or) as a search:

921840 OR 921841 OR 921842

If your article numbers are not so unique, you can alternatively specify that it should really only use the article number field in the search:

materialNumber:921840 OR materialNumber:921841 OR materialNumber:921842

Simply enter this term in your search, then copy the resulting link and you will immediately have the appropriate landing page. Of course, this is also supported in the product stream.

Tips und Tricks:

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