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Inventory Counting


TYRIOS pim has integrated warehouse management, with 6 central goals:

1. Any number of bearings: TYRIOS supports any number of bearings. These can be your own warehouses, external warehouses (e.g. from suppliers) or specific shops.
2. Live inventory: Every warehouse supports live inventory. With TYRIOS's own systems (order management, cash register system), live inventory takes place automatically, but it can also be controlled via the API.
3. Partial and full inventory: TYRIOS allows inventory to be carried out at any time. Partial and full inventories are supported.
4. Inventory during ongoing operations: TYRIOS records the exact time of data collection during inventory. This makes it possible to carry out inventory during ongoing operations.
5. Support for inventory helpers: TYRIOS allows additional employees to be deployed specifically for inventory. Additional users are possible as well as the use of TYRIOS's own inventory app.
6. Offline inventory: When using the TYRIOS inventory app, it is possible to carry out inventory even without a network connection. This means that inventory can be carried out with several employees even in remote warehouses.


In TYRIOS, an inventory is possible at any time for each warehouse. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to the customer area > product management > manage inventory. You will be taken to the inventory overview, where you can carry out an inventory for each warehouse.
  2. Only one inventory is possible at the same time per warehouse. You must first complete the inventory before a new inventory can be started.
  3. Select the appropriate warehouse. Click on "Start"

    With the start function, the current status of the warehouse is automatically frozen for inventory counting and made available for inventory. All subsequent stock movements during the inventory are subsequently posted to the inventory.

    Only those items that are currently in stock in the warehouse are taken into account for the inventory. Items with a 0 inventory are not taken into account in the inventory.

  4. Click on the display icon to carry out the inventory in the browser. Alternatively, you can download our TYRIOS inventory app from the app store and carry out the inventory on your mobile phone.
  5. You will now be taken to the counting view, where you can store the current count for each item.
  6. Automatic counting control

    TYRIOS automatically adopts the entries as the current count. The time of entry is also taken into account. It is used later to take into account stock movements that took place during the inventory (inventory during operations).

    If the count deviates from the expected value, TYRIOS automatically highlights the entries so that the situation can be quickly recorded even with large item inventories (yellow marking). If your employees count an item differently, the line will be marked red because the inventory is now not unique. Here you have to correct manually and make a decision.

  7. When the count is complete, click Complete Inventory.

    Once the inventory has been completed, no further counting is possible. However, the inventory has not yet been published. As an administrator, you now have the opportunity to check the inventory again and, if necessary, adjust the count.

    If only a partial inventory is carried out, the completion of the inventory is only possible after further confirmation. By default, TYRIOS assumes that a full inventory should take place and therefore warns if products have not yet been counted.

  8. Publish the inventory

    After you have checked the inventory count again, you can now publish the inventory. Several points occur at the same time:

    The inventory is automatically transferred to the products.
    Any stock movements that took place during the inventory (goods receipts and goods issues) are subsequently posted to reflect the correct inventory.
    An Excel file is created that contains all inventory data and is relevant for accounting. This Excel file is also stored when booking the warehouse so that it can be accessed at any time.

Tips und Tricks:

With TYRIOS inventory, TYRIOS offers a mobile app with which inventory - with the exception of the publishing function - can be carried out conveniently using a mobile phone. Steps 1 - 5 are supported. The mobile app also supports inventory in offline operation.


TYRIOS also offers extended warehouse management with identification data. Each instance of an item is assigned its own identification number (similar to a serial number). Automated inventory is currently not supported for items with identification management.

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