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Create newsletter


  • How to create a newsletter?


With TYRIOS mailing you can send as many newsletters as you like to as many recipients as you like. This means that one of the most successful marketing tools is available to you directly in TYRIOS. The newsletter is not only seamlessly linked to your customer management (TYRIOS contact), but your merchandise management with TYRIOS pim and TYRIOS order is also directly integrated.


To send a new newsletter, proceed as follows:

  1. As a user with extended rights in the customer area, click on Marketing > Create newsletter.
  2. Select the recipients of the newsletter
    1. User: Here you can individually select the users to whom the newsletter should be sent. The user will receive the newsletter in any case, regardless of whether they have agreed to receive it or not. This group of recipients is particularly useful in associations, but also in company departments or closed user groups, as you can systematically avoid one recipient being able to see the other recipients. This makes your mail absolutely DSGVO-compliant.
    2. User group: Here you can select entire user groups. These will also receive the newsletter in any case, regardless of whether the corresponding user has agreed to receive the newsletter. With this function, you can select specific closed user groups.
    3. Products: Here you can select specific products. TYRIOS automatically looks for all users who have bought these products. This is useful, for example, in the case of a callback. Users will then receive the mailing if they have agreed to receive product-specific newsletters.
    4. Shop categories: Here you can send the newsletter to all users who have bought a product in this category. The product hierarchy is taken into account. The users will then receive the mailing if they have agreed to receive the category-specific newsletters.
    5. General newsletter: Here you reach the users who have generally signed up to receive your newsletter.
  3. Choose a subject for your newsletter. Note that TYRIOS mailing supports language-specific newsletters here. So if you use a multilingual system, you can set a separate subject for each language. The subject supports text templates (see below).
  4. Create a content for your newsletter. It is sufficient to enter HTML content, the text content will be taken over automatically. 


    Some e-mail programmes do not support HTML e-mails. Therefore, it is always important to add a suitable text mail. However, the HTML e-mail has the clear advantage that you can carry out formatting here.

    Our tip

    Unfortunately, you only have limited formatting options when formatting your newsletter. This is because many e-mail programs do not support all formatting options. Therefore, limit yourself to the essential formatting. We strongly recommend that you optimise your e-mail for mobile phones. This means, especially for images, that they should adapt their width to the available frame. 

    Unfortunately, when it comes to formatting, it is advisable to use table structures. This is actually bad style in the field of web development. Unfortunately, modern HTML and CSS structures are still not possible in e-mails. However, table structures allow you at least basic design possibilities. Note, however, that this should only be done in a very targeted and well-considered manner, as otherwise your newsletters cannot be properly read by screen readers.
    You should always use responsive images. This is easily done by inserting the image with the style specification "display: inline-block; max-width: 600px;". The image will then automatically have a maximum width of 600px. Please also note the automatic image optimisation in TYRIOS

    Please note

    Some e-mail programs require a fixed image size so that the images are displayed correctly. However, this is not possible in every design. The problem exists mainly with older Outlook versions. 

  5. Activate the function "Personalise and set current user as sender" if you want to set your account as sender. This will address your customer more personally and give your mailing more profile.
  6. Save saves the newsletter but does not send it. You can edit it at any time and send it later. "Save & Test" saves the newsletter and sends it to your e-mail address. "Save & Send" saves and publishes the newsletter. It will now be sent automatically to the selected users.

You have a text template at your disposal which is automatically replaced when the newsletter is sent:

  • ##preName## is automatically replaced with the recipient's first name.
  • ##name## is automatically replaced with the recipient's last name
  • ##eMail## is automatically replaced with the recipient's email address
  • ##directLoginLink:https://...## is a very powerful function and allows you not only to use a link to your website in the mail, but also to automatically register the recipient in the system. This makes it much easier for the customer to sell items, as they are automatically registered in the system.
  • ##newsletterSettingsUrl## is replaced with the link to the newsletter settings. You should always put this in the signature of your newsletter so that your customer can easily unsubscribe from the newsletter.
  • ##salutation## is replaced with the salutation of the recipient. If no salutation is stored, "Dear [first name] [last name], " will be used automatically. You can edit and change the salutation at any time in the user profile and in the newsletter settings.

Tips und Tricks:

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