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Store payment types

Required permissions

  • TYRIOS order: Payment type management - Manage payment methods
  • TYRIOS order: Payment type management - Create payment method
  • TYRIOS order: Payment type management - Edit payment methods
  • TYRIOS order: Payment type management - Delete payment method


TYRIOS allows you to offer any number of different payment methods to your customers. It is entirely up to you whether you want to offer payment methods yourself or whether you want to secure and, if necessary, automate payments via a payment provider. At the same time, you can determine under which conditions which payment methods are available. In this way, you can not only treat B2C and B2B customers differently in your online shop, but also maintain regular customers with individual payment conditions.


Add payment methods

  1. As a user with extended rights, go to Customer Area > Order Management > Manage Payment Options.
  2. You will get a tabular overview of all currently available payment methods. You can edit each payment type at any time via the line menu or add new payment types. Click on "New" in the menu
  3. Enter the basic settings for your payment method:
    1. Enter a name for your payment method. This will be displayed to the customer in the item details and in the order process. In the case of international shops, you can enter a separate name for each active language.
    2. Store an icon label. This will be used in the footer of your page, among other places.
    3. Select an icon for your payment method. The drop-down menu offers you a large number of available icons.
    4. Determine whether this payment method is the standard payment. This will be selected automatically - if possible.
    5. Specify whether this payment method allows recurring payments (e.g. for subscription orders). Note that this also depends on your chosen payment provider.
    6. You can store textual payment information in your customer master. If you activate the option "Use payment information of the customer master for documents", this text is stored in the documents, e.g. your invoices. This makes it much easier for you to treat your regular customers individually.
    7. Specify whether this payment method only applies to B2B customers or also to B2C customers.
    8. Specify whether you want to use a payment provider for this payment type. TYRIOS supports the following out of the box:
      Paypal Plus
      secured purchase on account via Unzer 
      secured direct debit via Unzer
      credit cards (Master-Card, Visa, American Express) via Unzer
      secured purchase on account via Secupay 
      secured direct debit via Secupay
      Credit cards (Master-Card, Visa, American Express) via Secupay
      Klarna purchase on accounta
      Klarna hire purchase
      easyCredit hire purchase
      Santander finance purchase
    9. We can connect other payment providers quickly and easily if required.
  4. If the payment provider requires further information, this will be requested after selection.
    Enter the costs for using this payment method. Please note the legal requirements, which only allow fees to be charged for the payment in very specific situations.

    The following options are available to you for defining costs. Note that negative costs (e.g. an instant rebate) can also be set.
    1. Fixed costs - they are independent of the order quantity.
    2. Percentage costs are calculated on the basis of the order value.
    3. Transmission charge - e.g. for surname
  5. Deposit the rate that applies to the cost of the payment method.
  6. Store a description. This is displayed to the customer both in the item detail view and in the order process.
  7. Store information before payment. This text is displayed in the order overview - i.e. directly before the order is completed. Note that if you use a payment provider, additional provider-specific texts may be displayed automatically.
  8. Store information and payment details after payment. This is displayed in the order confirmation as well as in the order view. 


    In the case of prepayment, this is the best place to point out your account information to the customer. This way, the customer only receives the payment information after placing the order. In this particular case, the text is before the payment. For payments via payment providers, the text is after the payment. 

  9. Store properties of the payment method
    1. You can use the right to determine whether only certain users - who have this right - can use the payment type. Special payment type rights are also available here to control the payment type for regular customers.
    2. Define whether the payment method is only available for a minimum amount - this is useful for instalment purchases, for example.
    3. Define whether this payment method is only available up to a maximum amount. In this way you can control, for example, from when and up to when the use of a payment provider is profitable for you.
  10. Save your payment method

Prioritisation of payment methods

Your payment methods are automatically prioritised in TYRIOS. The order of the payment types in your overview is decisive. You can change it at any time. To do this, click on the line menu for the corresponding payment method in the overview and select "Move payment method up" or "Move payment method down".

The prioritisation automatically affects the standard payment procedure. If this is not available, e.g. due to a restriction, TYRIOS automatically selects the first possible payment procedure and offers this to the customer as the standard procedure.

Our tip

We recommend that you offer at least one payment method that does not have any restrictions. For retailers in particular, it is advisable to store a payment method of "collection in the shop" or "payment on collection".

Tips und Tricks:

In addition to the above-mentioned options for restricting a payment method, you can also define in TYRIOS pim within your product management which payment methods are supported on a product-specific basis. 

  1. Load the corresponding article in the product editor
  2. Click on the tab "Processing
  3. Activate the option "Restrict payment methods" in the "Shipping and payment options" section.
  4. Select the payment options that are possible.

Please note

Make sure that at least one payment option is always possible. Otherwise your customer will not be able to complete the order online.

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