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Personal Support

Competent - Fast - Reliable

We are here for you

TYRIOS is a very functional, tried and tested software, operating on your behalf. If you ever run into a situation, where something does not go as expected, you will not be left alone in the dark. We will be at your side to assist and guide you.

TYRIOS was created entirely in-house: we know every function and concept in detail. That's one of the reasons why we can provide you with the best support out there.

Which services are particularly important to you and how would you prefer to contact us, should the need arise? We provide the right range of services based on your requirements.

Abstract representation of a desk with office utensils, including a laptop. Hands are emerging from the laptop's screen, operating a system.

Support & SLA
Clearly defined, reliable and competent. This is the standard for our support.

Knowledge Base

Most questions can be answered by our knowledge base. Navigate to the knowledge base page on tyrios.io and start typing your question in the supplied search box. You will be provided with step-by-step instructions to solve your issue.

In case the solution to your issue cannot be found there, you can contact our email support.

Email Support

Describe your issue in a few detailed sentences and send us an email. Your email will then be converted into a ticket* within our system. Our support staff do their best on a daily, to address your concerns and solve your problems quickly and competently.

* A maximum response time of 72h applies to support requests during regular work days (Monday - Friday).

Phone Support

Do you require assistance or advice with a technical matter and prefer a personal phone call?

In all support packages, our support team is available by phone. The billing mode will differ, depending on the package you have booked.

Remote Hands

If you feel uncomfortable making changes to your system or changing letter templates yourself, you have the option to have an expert do it for you. We are always there for you!

The repalogic team will provide you with professionals, who can log into your system and carry out tasks for you professionally.

Remote Support

If you cannot solve an issue yourself, our support staff will be happy to join you via Anydesk. You can sit comfortably at your own desk and watch as we solve the problem together, using our practical remote maintainance tool.

Ticket Prioritization

for customers with the support packet silver, gold and platinum

Deine Tickets in unserem Ticketsystem werden, wenn du ein Support-Paket Silber oder Gold buchst, automatisch mit einer höheren Priorität versehen. Wenn du noch schneller deine Fragen beantwortet haben möchtest, empfehlen wir dir unser Support-Paket Platin.

This is what our customers say

Michael Klamser, CEO, Sport Klamser.

repalogic and Sport Klamser have been working towards the mutual goal to unite online and offline within one system for the past 7 years. [...]

The cooperation with repalogic is creative, professional and unusually quick in execution. We always find an open ear for problems and suggestions for optimization. The paths are short and the uncomplicated implementation is simply fun.

Many thanks to Dr. Mathias Bank and his team.

Michael Klamser
CEO, Sport Klamser

Support Packages

  • Basic
  • 0 €
  • -
  • 3 wD
  • 30 pMb
  • 30 pMb
  • 30 pMb
  • Bronze
  • 49,95 €
  • 12 months
  • 2 wD
  • 15 pMb
  • 15 pMb
  • 15 pMb
  • book Bronze
  • Silver
  • 99,95 €
  • 12 months
  • 1 wD
  • 10 pMb
  • 10 pMb
  • 10 pMb
  • book Silver
  • Gold
  • 199,95 €
  • 12 months
  • 6 h on wD
  • 5 pMb
  • 5 pMb
  • 5 pMb
  • book Gold
Phone support, remote hands as well as remote support are chargeable services and will be billed on a per time unit basis, depending on the booked support package. The hourly rate is 100 € net, during regular opening hours. Outside of the regular opening hours as well as on weekends and holidays, the hourly rate is 200 € net.
A free support-tool is provided for download for remote support purposes.
Support Level 1:
Support staff will assist you in using the TYRIOS system for your daily needs.
Support Level 2:
Once it gets down to business, Level-2 support staff will support you. They have advanced knowledge regarding the TYRIOS system, which goes far beyond everyday use.
Support Level 3:
You can speak directly with TYRIOS developers and request support.

The free support tool

TYRIOS provides you with the software Anydesk for free*. With this, you can share your screen with our support staff and explain and demonstrate your issue live. With your permission and under your supervision, this support staff member can then demonstrate how to use your system or solve your problem for you.

* Please note the support prices in the respective support packages..

Photo von John Schnobrich auf unsplash.


Get in touch. We're happy to assist you.

Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

Your consultant for TYRIOS

Sebastian Fruchtzweig
Key Account Manager
Sales & Marketing
+49 7575 - 7180 951
+49 7575 - 7180 935

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