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TYRIOS contact

The TYRIOS contact data management helps you to keep track of your complete customer data in a structured way. 

In addition, the most important functions of a CRM are included.

The most important features of TYRIOS contact

Customer management

User groups

Rights - role system


B2B - B2C - D2C

Consulting notes

Import/Export via Excel & CSV

Newsletter system


Manage customer data centrally

The contact data of employees, customers, business partners as well as suppliers are essential for the operation of any business. Storing them in different databases, programs and folders costs a lot of time and nerves.

TYRIOS stores extensive data of your customers, employees and all other contacts. This includes master data as well as important additional information such as social media contact, SEPA data, newsletter approvals, consulting notes and the complete email communication history.

Company-relevant contact data securely in one central location.

Customer management

Our interactive customer management forms the basis to centrally manage your customer, employee and supplier data. It also offers you a function to implement bonus programs for customer loyalty.

Based on a role - rights system you can store individual prices for regular customers, clubs or employees. The stored price scales are immediately displayed to the customer at the checkout in the store or on your homepage.

You can control personalized marketing actions via the fully integrated newsletter tool.

Control access to your data

TYRIOS offers you an extremely granular role and rights system that allows you to control access to relevant data. For example, employees with the appropriate authorization can manage your contact data, business partners or customers can access your e-mail communication and view the current status of an order.

The system allows you to optimize business processes on a person-related basis as well as to separate your homepage into public and private areas (VIP).

Process optimization through dynamic assignment of rights and roles.

Employees - Customers - Associations

People usually have affiliations, especially in a business context. TYRIOS allows you to structure your contacts neatly by creating groups. For example into employees, customers, partners etc.

Contacts can also be assigned to companies, families or associations, including in which relation the respective person belongs to this organization. You can use this data for individual price scales, newsletter mailings or as sales support for your sales team.

Customer relation management with central contact data.

Mail communication

TYRIOS contact allows you to send e-mails directly from the customer database. Whether everyday e-mails, receipts, invoices, order confirmations or mails for returns processing. Send your e-mails to your customers, employees, suppliers or business partners conveniently from TYRIOS.

It is important to be able to access the relevant e-mails quickly when needed. Instead of tediously searching through email inboxes for the email you are looking for, in TYRIOS all emails are directly assigned to the person or company.

All e-mails stored directly with the customer.

Consultation notes

TYRIOS contact has a legally secure form for consultation notes. This way, in case of a customer consultation, you can save notes from the consultation for quality assurance at the customer.

This way you can document whether you recommended the purchased product or offer or not. If the customer decides against your recommendation, you can prove in the event of a dispute that you advised the customer in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the product before the purchase.

Your consulting services neatly documented.

Translated with DeepL

Newsletter included

The newsletter is still the most successful marketing tool.

TYRIOS already has a powerful newsletter system "TYRIOS mailing" in the standard version. The license fee of 9.95 € / per 10,000 e-mails is only due if a newsletter has been sent in the billing month. Thus all TYRIOS users have the possibility to use the newsletter system in an absolutely fair price model.

flexible - transparent - fair

TYRIOS contact / App-Features

TYRIOS contact / App features
On this page we have given you a short insight into the possibilities with the starter package TYRIOS contact.

TYRIOS is a sales software, which covers the most important functions for the daily business, online & offline. TYRIOS contact offers the most relevant CRM functions in a clear and practice-proven environment.

Find out more about the full functionality of TYRIOS contact on the following page!

Our advantages for you

Costs    under    control Costs under control

TYRIOS® adapts to your needs. Book one or more packages and extend it with additional apps.

Pay only what you need!

Individual    Support Individual Support

If you have any questions, we are always at your side. With our ticket system we clarify your questions quickly and reliably by e-mail.

The repalogic team is always ready to help you!

Hosting in Deutschland Hosting in Germany

Secure web hosting on German servers. Eco-friendly through renewable engergies.

We take care of it!


Kostenlos & unverbindlich Testen

Your data is secure in the cloud

We take care of your system and create daily backups on external systems (stored for 14 days).


API-Interface / Import - Export - Framework

Die TYRIOS® API provides automated access to all data in real time. With the import-export framework you can easily exchange data via Excel and CSV files. For free!

Web Hosting inklusive

Web Hosting included

Secure web hosting on German servers - DDOS protection, DSGVO compliant, 500MB storage included.

Immer aktuell

Always up to date

We react to current situations and changes with new functions and automatic updates in short cycles.

from 24,90 € monthly + VAT


More information about TYRIOS license calculation can be found in the price overview.


1. Lizenz: 100%
2.-9. Lizenz: 50% Rabatt
ab 10. Lizenz: 75% Rabatt

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