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Your digital loyalty card

A digital loyalty card is the most effective customer retention measure. TYRIOS loyality offers you a customer loyalty programme "out-of-the-box" with marketing functions that turn your customers into loyal regular customers.

TYRIOS loyality is also designed for employee engagement!


digital customer card

Cent-precise billing in the customer account

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Awarding extra points to the participants

Issuing local vouchers

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Amounts redeemable online & offline

Native mobile app for fast billing

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TYRIOS loyality - The digital loyalty card

TYRIOS loyality is a cloud-based digital loyalty programme and is the extension of the established app TYRIOS eCash. TYRIOS eCash has already been used successfully for years in various cities as a digital accounting system for vouchers, employer vouchers and as a bonus points programme.

A digital voucher system has decisive advantages over its analogue predecessors, such as cent-precise payment of credit and the possibility of partial redemption of individual vouchers. On top of that, TYRIOS eCash can be used as a local payment system.

With the individually configurable TYRIOS loyality APP, you can put together a perfect bonus programme for regular customer care.

TYRIOS loyality - your service to the customer

Customer loyalty
Bonus points programme
50€ employee voucher
local payment method

Loyalty program out of the box

A loyalty programme offers companies and customers proven advantages. TYRIOS loyalty is convenient, customisable and increases customer loyalty. Customers receive exclusive offers and rewards, which strengthens their loyalty to the company.

Choose the benefits that suit you best with just a few clicks for your individual customer loyalty programme:

  • Voucher X € for new customer registration
  • Gift voucher X € for newsletter registration
  • Gift value X € for a birthday
  • Voucher X € when reaching a certain turnover
  • Special purchasing conditions (%) when a certain turnover is reached


Establishing a loyalty programme

Systematically start to inspire your customers for your loyalty programme directly at the customer contact point at your checkout. Ask them for their name, email address and permission to send newsletters. This way you can quickly and easily build up a customer base. Where is this easier than directly at the checkout?

Activate a digital customer card at the same time and reward your new customers with a small welcome gift of a few euros, which are immediately available on the customer card. Who would say no to such a great offer?

The digital loyalty card is the easiest way to quickly implement a loyalty programme. You get an even better result if you also provide a customer app with full marketing options.

TYRIOS loyalty as an entry point to the digital customer channel.

The power of push notifications

To realise the full potential of the loyalty programme, you can upgrade TYRIOS loyality to your individual, native customer app. This gives you access to your customers' daily companion, their mobile phones.

With push notifications, regular customers can be informed about new offers on a weekly basis. Through a link within the notification, customers can be forwarded directly to the online shop where they can buy the advertised product with the available credit.

Of course, your customers can easily check the amount of their current credit and view their purchase history. Depending on the level of expansion of your individual loyalty app, you can offer further functions such as appointment booking, integration of your online shop and a chat.

Your customer app, your direct communication channel.

Digitale Flyer

Send your digital advertising flyers via TYRIOS mailing directly to the mobile phones of your regular customers. Through a link in the newsletter, your customers can be redirected directly to your digital flyer and / or to the online shop, where they can buy the advertised products with the available credit.

This solution is not only convenient for the customer, but also saves costs for printing and distributing physical promotional flyers. In addition, the use of customer apps allows for personalised targeting and better tracking of marketing campaigns.

Distribute your weekly promotional flyers easily and digitally.

Keep subscribers active

You have invested a lot to contractually bind your subscription customers to your fitness centre. After the initial enthusiasm slowly wanes, your guests only come to the studio sporadically? How do you get your customers to work out on a regular basis? 

Give your clients X amount of money on their loyalty account every time they train, which they can use to pay for drinks at your bar or to buy accessories in your shop. People need incentives that make it worthwhile to go full throttle. Especially fitness centre customers want to go full throttle, that's why they signed the membership contract. To be successful, they need a coach and a motivator. When they feel success, they renew the membership contract.

TYRIOS loyality - the motivator for the extra mile

Employee engagement

Financial incentives, such as monthly bonus payments on a digital employee card, go a long way towards retaining employees and keeping them motivated.

A digital employee card can also be used to give employees access to exclusive offers and benefits, bonuses and other financial incentives. Monthly payments can help employees identify more strongly with the company and increase their loyalty.

TYRIOS loyalty for employee motivation

Your employees = your customers

Turn your employees into loyal customers by offering them special prices for your products and/or your employee canteen. 

On the one hand, the bonuses you give out will flow back into your coffers, and on the other hand, your employees will have the opportunity to get popular products, services or their lunch at a lower price. 

This way you create a clear win-win situation for you and your employees.

TYRIOS loyality - How it works

The concept of the app is ready and we show you how it works for you


Payment with customer cards

Each voucher or loyalty card issued is assigned a user account on your TYRIOS instance. If vouchers are sold and activated, the amount paid is paid into this user account and can then be redeemed by the holder of the voucher / loyalty card in your shop or in the online shop. 

The voucher does not have to be used up all at once, but can be used and spent in several purchases, down to the cent.

Shop conveniently and locally - with TYRIOS loyalty

loyality meets eCash

If you operate your business in a city where the City Voucher TYRIOS eCash is in use, you can activate your loyalty programme "TYRIOS loyalty" in the network.

TYRIOS eCash also offers customer bonus cards in its voucher system. TYRIOS bonus cards can be used like an EC card at participating acceptance points.

These customer cards are often used by companies to pay out the tax-free €50 employee vouchers. The employee can use the customer card to shop at their leisure in the various participating shops.
Loyalty card holders can also conveniently pay credit into their user accounts / loyalty cards via bank transfer, PayPal or cash at the checkout of an acceptance point and use these as a means of payment.

TYRIOS loyality can be integrated into the TYRIOS eCash system in the following towns: 

  • Bad-Urach
  • Dinkelsbühl
  • Constance
  • Messkirch
  • Neu-Ulm
  • Ulm

Employer vouchers as a local turnover booster

Issuing and accounting employer vouchers

The tax-free bonus often means additional accounting work for the employer. For example, amounts have to be booked and allocated individually. With TYRIOS loyality, these tasks can be automated.
Participating companies in the TYRIOS loyalty voucher system can also store individual rules for issuing employer vouchers. Should the €50 be paid out to eligible employees every month or only every second month? Should the amounts be debited from the company account by direct debit or on the basis of a monthly invoice?
Company-internal payment rules can be stored quickly and easily in the system.

convenient - user-friendly - transparent

Accepting payments - with the mobile app

With the TYRIOS eCash - mobile app, you can conveniently accept payments from your loyalty programme, even if you use a stand-alone cash register system. The amounts collected are loaded onto your TYRIOS user account and can then be booked via the DATEV interface.

The app offers traders and restaurateurs all the functions they need to accept vouchers as a method of payment during a sale. Vouchers can also be issued and special points awarded to participants.

With the integrated administration function, local vouchers can also be settled in larger quantities as a bulk acceptance.

TYRIOS eCash app, the administration terminal for your loyalty programme

Security with TYRIOS eCash

The vouchers or the customer card are only used for identification and linking to the user account. Neither the vouchers nor the customer card contain the credit balance. This means that even if the voucher or loyalty card is lost, the credit is securely managed on the user accounts.

Holders of the customer cards can log into their user account and see the current account balance at any time, as well as all transactions that have been made with the customer card.

secure, transparent, personal

Unsere Vorteile für dich

Kosten unter Kontrolle Kosten unter Kontrolle

TYRIOS® passt sich deinen Anforderungen an. Buche ein oder mehrere Pakete und erweitere es mit zusätzlichen Apps.

Zahle nur, was du brauchst!

Persönlicher Support Persönlicher Support

Bei Fragen stehen wir dir immer zur Seite. Mit unserem Ticket-System klären wir deine Fragen schnell und zuverlässig per E-Mail.

Das Team von repalogic ist für dich da!

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Sicheres Web Hosting auf deutschen Servern. Eco-friendly durch erneuerbare Energien.

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Kostenlos & unverbindlich Testen

Deine Daten sind sicher in der Cloud

Wir kümmern uns um dein System und erstellen täglich ein BackUp auf externen Systemen (gespeichert für 14 Tage).


API-Schnittstelle / Import - Export - Framework

Die TYRIOS® API ermöglicht automatisierten Zugriff auf alle Daten in Echtzeit. Mit dem Import-Export-Framework kannst du bequem über Excel- und CSV-Dateien Daten austauschen. Ohne Kosten!

Web Hosting inklusive

Web Hosting inklusive

Sicheres Web Hosting auf deutschen Servern - DDOS-Schutz, DSGVO-konform, 500MB Speicherplatz inklusive.

Immer aktuell

Immer aktuell

Wir reagieren auf aktuelle Situationen und Veränderungen mit neuen Funktionen und auto- matischen Updates in kurzen Zyklen.

Customer testimonials

Finally, all my wishes regarding my homepage and the associated online shop were realised! In addition, Dr. Bank had far more ideas than I did and created a perfect result for my needs. In short sessions via telephone conference, I was introduced to the different areas of my new homepage, so that I can now work on it independently with little support.

I don't even know what I like best: the design, the search functions for articles, the integration of blog and newsletter, the comfortable online shop with merchandise management system and the possibility to provide the data for the tax advisor with one click.  [...] Many thanks to the repalogic team!!!

I am really enthusiastic and will recommend you again and again, you really know what is important for the customer. Keep it up!

Stefanie Winter ceo, anton-emma

We will never regret the day we decided to install this software. We look back on a successful cooperation that has brought our online shop and our business solution a long way forward. The mobile solution of being able to access our data from everywhere, as well as the flexibility of the system and finally also the acquisition costs are only some of many arguments that speak for this solution.

Thank you for everything!

Günter Gedenk ceo until 2020, musicline24

We have been working with the TYRIOS system for several years and are absolutely thrilled! No matter where you are - with internet access, you always have the complete company with all processes and data "with you". Our products are found much better on Google than with our old shop system, which is reflected in an increase in turnover.

Suggestions and ideas always find an open ear and the regular updates of the system to ever more refined functions always run smoothly. 

Many thanks to the dedicated team!

Daniela Bordan ceo, LTH-GmbH

We have been working with repalogic for almost four years. Until December 2020, only for our website. Due to the Corona lockdown, we were forced to quickly design and implement an online shop. In no time at all, the repalogic team helped us set up an online shop with excellent Google visibility for our products.

Christian Heinzel ceo, sport heinzel

repalogic and Sport Klamser have been working together since years with the aim of combining online and offline in one system. [...] In doing so, sport is a particular challenge for the hitherto pure online retailer, as in addition to classic merchandise management, separate systems for rental and service as well as digital customer and supplier communication have to be taken into account up to now. In addition, the product range with clothing, shoes and hard goods is very diverse and the supply industry is extremely multi-faceted in digital communication.

The cooperation with Repalogic is creative, professional and unusually fast in implementation. We always find an open ear for problems and optimisation ideas, the paths are short and the uncomplicated support is simply fun.

Many thanks to Dr Mathias Bank and his team!

Michael Klamser ceo, sport klamser Ulm

I can unreservedly recommend the company repalogic. The team delivers professional results at a top level. For us, repalogic is an ideal sparring partner in the field of technical development.

Christian Rebholz ceo, hr-infotainment

When it was time for me to look for a suitable website for my photography, I found repalogic to be the right partner for me. After just one meeting and a few emails, the vision for the website was set and repalogic went to work. Not only was great importance placed on design and user-friendliness, but above all a high technical standard was set.

I am very happy with my website and look forward to continuing to work with repalogic.

Kristina Brauer photostudio - kristina brauer

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. dr. Bank, our website finally has a new look. [...]

With the TYRIOS software, my customers can configure their own furniture at home on their PC and also order it directly via our online shop. Always being one step ahead and getting new impulses regarding a contemporary internet presence - this is what distinguishes the repalogic team. [...]

I feel I am in good hands with repalogic.

Simon Ruopp ceo, Interior carpentry ruopp

For years, repalogic has been convincing with its unbelievable expertise, even with unusual requests in the area of "knitting". The team is always friendly and very innovative, no matter how unusual the questions are. The competence and helpfulness is outstanding in all respects.

An idea is born in my head, I formulate it and it is immediately implemented with creativity, joy and verve.

Angelika Wieland owner, strick & Wollart

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Tyrios page Der Web-Page-Builder

Erstelle deine Homepage wie ein Profi, einfach und schnell mit dem Komponenten-Editor.
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Grafik für B2B, B2C, D2C Geschäfte

tyrios contact die Kundendatenbank

Interaktive Kunden- & Mitarbeiterverwaltung, die Basis für jedes Geschäft 
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Produktdetailanzeige einer Maschine auf einem Tablet

tyrios pim die produktverwaltung

Verwaltung von Produktstammdaten und frei konfigurierbarer Produkte und Varianten (Größe, Farbe etc.). 
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Frau bei der Auftragsannahme am Schreibtisch

tyrios oder Die Auftragsverwaltung

Die Auftragsverwaltung bietet dir die entscheidenden Funktionen zur Digitalisierung deiner Geschäftsprozesse.
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Ein prall gefülltes warenlager mit Hochregalen

tyrios supplier Der Einkaufsmanager

Die Lieferantenanbindung erleichtert dir deinen Wareneinkauf und deine Bestellprozesse.
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Frau beim bedienen einer Tablet-kasse

tyrios pos die dezentrale kasse

Unsere Kasse läuft einfach überall: am PC, am Tablet und sogar auf deinem Smartphone.
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Mann am Laptop mit Handy in der Hand, zusätzlich wird eine online-suchmaske angezeigt

tyrios search Der intelligente Such- und Verkaufsassistent

TYRIOS search ist unser selbst lernendes und sich selbst pflegendes Such-und Empfehlungstool.
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tyrios mailing Der Newsletter

Unlimitierter und personalisierter Newsletterversand mit direktem Zugriff auf deine Kundendaten.
Inklusive Newsletter-Shopping
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tyrios asset Die Medien-Verwaltung

Strukutiere all deine  Dateien, Bildern, Videos, Text- oder Audio-Dateien in unterschiedlichsten Formaten.
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tyrios events der event-manager

Plane Events und verkaufe Tickets direkt über deine Webseite. Inklusive personalisierter Eintrittskarten.

tyrios ecash der digitale city-gutschein

Das digitale Zahlungssystem für City-Gutscheine, Bonusprogramme und als hauseigene Zahlungsmöglichkeit.
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