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How to create a perfect start page with TYRIOS page?


  • Wie erstellt man eine perfekte Startseite mit TYRIOS page?


A perfect homepage focuses on informing the visitor quickly and effectively and prompting them to take action. It should be user-friendly, engaging and informative, with a clear focus on what the user needs and how the website can help them. By incorporating these elements, you ensure that the homepage is not only attractive, but also functional and puts the user at the center.

How do I create an exemplary homepage quickly and easily with the help of the TYRIOS page component editor?


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Header-photo or Slider

    Select the introductory component V2 in the menu with the components. If you do not have any suitable photos available, you can also use image databases such as Beautiful Free Images & Pictures | Unsplash. You insert the photo into the component. You can also make modifications to the photo, e.g. background color, size and image section or place a CTA on the photo.

  2. Elements of Trust

    These can be figures such as the number of employees, customers, items on offer, size of sales area (e.g. 500 square meters in the heart of Ulm).

    Next, select the Counter V1 component to be used, hide the heading and description and insert the figures to be displayed in the corresponding placeholders.

  3. Products

    These can be special offers, product categories or even news.

    Select the product stream component. This component is very complex and needs to be adapted precisely. For example, there is a filter function, which makes it much easier to select the elements to be presented. The component can also be used as a slider and provided with a CTA.

  4. Services

    A list and description of services demonstrates competence and customer focus.

    Choose the image navigation component and add an introduction to the services and explain their scope. Important: describe the photos with an explanatory short text (ALTL descriptions), there is a function for this in TYRIOS page. This is not only SEO-relevant, but also serves to make a website accessible.

  5. Links to other content elements

    Internal links to blog articles, guides or landing pages increase the visibility and reach of the website. At the same time, good, useful content creates expert status. 

    Simply link a photo or a button to the desired URL and the user will be redirected to the relevant page.

  6. Customer reviews

    Positive customer reviews are a typical trust element: the visitor to the site gains trust in the store operator through the perception of these reviews ("If the product is so well received, it can't be bad"). The prerequisite is, of course, that they appear authentic (and are genuine).

    The customer review component is already optimized for reviews; several reviews can also be listed, even with a photo of the customer.

Tips und Tricks:

  • Update your homepage regularly, ideally every week. This does not mean that you have to change the entire content. Rather, it's about encouraging your regular customers to visit the homepage as often as possible. You can achieve this with promotions, product news and blog posts that offer your customers added value.
  •  If you find it difficult to create texts or don't have enough time, simply use ChatGPT as a source for text ideas (ChatGPT is integrated in TYRIOS, by the way). Remember: the more precisely you formulate the task for the artificial intelligence, the better the result. With blog topics in particular, it is worth fine-tuning the text by giving ChatGPT precise instructions on what should be improved or added. You will see that the result improves with every version.
  • In each component there are a number of graphic components with which a page can be edited. Headings and text elements can be hidden and shown, the background color can be changed, links can be set and photos can be edited (and much more). The functions are simple and self-explanatory. Each component can be customized. You can also delete a component at any time and replace it with another. TYRIOS page gives you absolute freedom of design. You will see that you will be able to create your own web design in very short time!

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