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TYRIOS for the crafts business

To have more time for the essentials!

woman with tablet in a craftshop

Order processing rethought

TYRIOS supports you in getting your work done in a structured and efficient way. Project planning, work distribution, material & logistics as well as administration are seamlessly connected with TYRIOS. Your business, your tasks and your customers merge into one unit in TYRIOS.

Employees in a carpentry workshop look at a tablet, work is going on in the background

Your business, your image, your website

Gebe deinem Geschäft ein digitales Gesicht und lade deine Kundschaft ein, in deinem Shop oder digitalen Schaufenster zu stöbern.

Dir stehen diverse vorgefertigte Farbpaletten und Schriftartkombinationen zur Verfügung, mit der du schnell ein Basisdesign für deine Website erstellen kannst. Mit einem leicht zu bedienenden Editor kannst du mit wenigen Klicks vorgefertigte Komponenten kombinieren und schnell Layouts und anspruchsvolle Seiten erstellen – selbst ohne HTML-Kenntnisse.

Bei TYRIOS sind alle Komponenten nach dem Mobile-First-Prinzip aufgebaut und sind somit stets responsiv. Das gibt Bonuspunkte bei der SEO!

Wenn nichts nach deinem Geschmack dabei ist, setzen wir jedes gewünschte Design für dich um – von der einzelnen Komponente bis hin zur gesamten Webpräsenz!

Sreenshots of Preium websites on a laptop and a desktop computer

Accept, manage and process orders - online and offline

TYRIOS order manages your offers, orders, invoices and purchase orders. It doesn't matter whether the order was placed on the phone, via e-mail, fax or online, because TYRIOS is the ideal tool for omnichannel commerce.

Orders are collected, processed and closed centrally in TYRIOS. The complete communication history is stored in each order. This way you also increase your service quality.

Dynamic and structured order processing with TYRIOS order.

Office woman sits at the laptop with the phone to her ear and works with papers.

The shopping cart - your interactive offer center!

You can create offers with TYRIOS order and provide them digitally or as PDF. But we go one step further: With TYRIOS you can provide each individual offer in the shopping cart of your online store. This makes order completion clear and convenient for your customers.

The shopping cart is also your interactive offer center, where you can provide your customers with detailed information about your products, such as descriptions, photos or videos. Your customers can actively edit your offer, add, adjust or remove items. Just like in a personal customer meeting, you can renegotiate prices.


Two men look at a tablet at an online offer

All your store information in one place

TYRIOS order offers you the decisive functions for digitizing your business processes. This is where the most important areas of your company come together at a central point. This is where customer data is linked with product data, where offers become orders, and where customer inquiries are received via the online store. Every order is controlled and processed centrally here.

TYRIOS order is the central control unit for the success of your business. All sales-relevant processes come together here.

All the information about your business in one place

User groups and customer accounts

With TYRIOS you have the possibility to manage several users under one customer number. Companies, families or clubs can buy with a shared customer account at individual conditions.

Further more, you can divide your customers into individual groups via user groups. This allows you to organize all your marketing and sales activities easily and clearly. With the help of group-specific permissions, you can even activate entire page areas for individual groups (VIP areas, ...) and customers can activate individual areas on your site.

TYRIOS, organize your customers!


Known and anonymous clientele

Your customers are not always known by name. No problem, TYRIOS creates different levels for them. Depending on their status as blank, guest or full user.

That means: those I don't know anything about yet (e.g. trade fair contacts), those of whom I have the basic data and those who can register themselves in the system. All customers can be recorded centrally in TYRIOS and targeted - via the website, in mobile apps, at the point of sale, and of course at trade fairs and events.

Internet and intranet on one website

Share your content with whoever you want - and only with whoever you want! In addition to publicly available areas, you can set up as many private or VIP areas as you like for staff, customers and partners. This way you can not only share content with authorized users, but also grant access to internal data and forms. All in one system - efficient and cost-effective.

Your website becomes the administration center and the central digital platform for your entire staff, your customers and your partners!

TYRIOS from the cloud to your business!

Graphic for assigning rights for intranet and internet on a website


As a central database, TYRIOS pim offers media-neutral storage of all product data. Once entered, this data can be enriched as desired and distributed in real time to warehouses, websites, digital store windows, retail stores, online stores and even print catalogs.

TYRIOS pim is flexible and adapts to your needs. From services to digital and physical goods to events: every product can be stored, organized and integrated with all its specifics, technical data and features.

TYRIOS pim - your central database that stores, organizes and links.

A tablet shows the image of an industrial production robot and the digital data from the system

Your products - your data - your structure

TYRIOS pim is as individual as your product. Create your own data types for product information according to your ideas. Define as many parameters and additional fields as you like. With TYRIOS pim you can enter uniformly structured product information at any time.

Own "Data types" - Additional fields - Evaluation fields - Configuration parameters

Outline your product features, build instructions, videos or photos and data sheets. Create free text fields for special technical data. Whatever information you have about your products, TYRIOS pim manages, organizes and publishes the data to your website, online store or retail store - in real time.

Your data structure - any number of parameters

Product variants, configurable products and group articles

Products in different variants (e.g. color, size, etc.) can be maintained in TYRIOS pim with your own images, your own texts and even your own stock. This way you actually show your customers what you offer.

You have products that are individually manufactured for the customer? No problem, because these can be stored in TYRIOS pim as configurable articles. Define which properties can be configured with which options and display this information transparently on your website for both employees and customers. This way your service becomes transparently visible.

Keep the overview with TYRIOS pim

Two people selecting colour variations from catalogues

Products, services, sets

TYRIOS order supports the full range - from clearly defined products from your PIM to completely customized items. This allows you to sell standard products, services and even digital media of any kind. Customer-specific conditions are taken into account fully automatically.

Your items depend on each other? Simply sell matching products as a set. Your inventory is systematically taken into account.

More products, more service, more sales!

Man with writing board controls in the warehouse

Real-time overview:Access for everyone and from everywhere

You and your staff have access and insight into the current status of your orders at any time and from any place. TYRIOS displays the order, processing or delivery status in real time. This also allows you to link different locations and their employees with each other.

TYRIOS order makes your work easier and brings structure into your processes. Save comments, supplier offers, customer inquiries or details of the work plan for your orders. Keep track of your product inventory and gross profit at all times. You can determine who can see them: only your employees, only your suppliers, only your customers or everyone who should have access to the order.

With TYRIOS no order gets lost!

Businessman meditating, arrows going into his head chaotically and coming out in an orderly fashion

For each other & with each other to success

The connection of employees from production, administration, sales, logistics and ultimately your customers is the key to success. Every person involved has access to the order and can contribute to its implementation.

Clearly defined statuses at order and position level ensure that no order is forgotten and that a clearly defined process can be followed by all employees. This helps to ensure speedy order processing and actively supports the overview of tasks to be completed.

Every order has its own personal administrator, and your customers notice that. They are not simply passed through the large corporation, but actually have a contact person. Your order is neatly documented from step to step and can be viewed by your customers at any time. This is not only transparent, but also actively supports you in acting DSGVO-compliant. All documents, from orders to e-mail archiving, are stored in TYRIOS order.

Transparent, structured and interactive!

Business partners, husband and wife clap their hands to success

outstanding receivables management

With TYRIOS order you keep track of your open items. Control different document types, from delivery bills to invoices and credit notes. Any number of SEPA transfers or credit notes can be triggered fully automatically. Define that e.g. invoices are collected automatically and subscriptions manually. Of course you can also automate your dunning process.

Woman reconciles a bill between a tablet and a laptop

Always current data

If the searching clientele has already expressed interest, it would be a shame to lose that clientele because of outdated product data or sold-out items that are no longer available.

Consistently reliable information is a sign of trustworthiness and good service quality. TYRIOS pim users don't have to worry about this, because their search results are always up-to-date. Every stock movement and price change is updated live and made available to TYRIOS search.

But this is possible even without TYRIOS pim, because TYRIOS offers open interfaces. With the easy to integrate product API you have the possibility to update your product data in real time. This way you can always ensure up-to-date product descriptions, current stock levels and current prices in the search results.

Build trust and improve service quality without extra effort with TYRIOS search!

Woman shows mobile phone with smiley on the display

Customer testimonials

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. dr. Bank, our website finally has a new look. [...]

With the TYRIOS software, my customers can configure their own furniture at home on their PC and also order it directly via our online shop. Always being one step ahead and getting new impulses regarding a contemporary internet presence - this is what distinguishes the repalogic team. [...]

I feel I am in good hands with repalogic.

Simon Ruopp ceo, Interior carpentry ruopp

We will never regret the day we decided to install this software. We look back on a successful cooperation that has brought our online shop and our business solution a long way forward. The mobile solution of being able to access our data from everywhere, as well as the flexibility of the system and finally also the acquisition costs are only some of many arguments that speak for this solution.

Thank you for everything!

Günter Gedenk ceo until 2020, musicline24

We have been working with the TYRIOS system for several years and are absolutely thrilled! No matter where you are - with internet access, you always have the complete company with all processes and data "with you". Our products are found much better on Google than with our old shop system, which is reflected in an increase in turnover.

Suggestions and ideas always find an open ear and the regular updates of the system to ever more refined functions always run smoothly. 

Many thanks to the dedicated team!

Daniela Bordan ceo, LTH-GmbH

repalogic and Sport Klamser have been working together since years with the aim of combining online and offline in one system. [...] In doing so, sport is a particular challenge for the hitherto pure online retailer, as in addition to classic merchandise management, separate systems for rental and service as well as digital customer and supplier communication have to be taken into account up to now. In addition, the product range with clothing, shoes and hard goods is very diverse and the supply industry is extremely multi-faceted in digital communication.

The cooperation with Repalogic is creative, professional and unusually fast in implementation. We always find an open ear for problems and optimisation ideas, the paths are short and the uncomplicated support is simply fun.

Many thanks to Dr Mathias Bank and his team!

Michael Klamser ceo, sport klamser Ulm

We have been working with repalogic for almost four years. Until December 2020, only for our website. Due to the Corona lockdown, we were forced to quickly design and implement an online shop. In no time at all, the repalogic team helped us set up an online shop with excellent Google visibility for our products.

Christian Heinzel ceo, sport heinzel

Finally, all my wishes regarding my homepage and the associated online shop were realised! In addition, Dr. Bank had far more ideas than I did and created a perfect result for my needs. In short sessions via telephone conference, I was introduced to the different areas of my new homepage, so that I can now work on it independently with little support.

I don't even know what I like best: the design, the search functions for articles, the integration of blog and newsletter, the comfortable online shop with merchandise management system and the possibility to provide the data for the tax advisor with one click.  [...] Many thanks to the repalogic team!!!

I am really enthusiastic and will recommend you again and again, you really know what is important for the customer. Keep it up!

Stefanie Winter ceo, anton-emma

I can unreservedly recommend the company repalogic. The team delivers professional results at a top level. For us, repalogic is an ideal sparring partner in the field of technical development.

Christian Rebholz ceo, hr-infotainment

When it was time for me to look for a suitable website for my photography, I found repalogic to be the right partner for me. After just one meeting and a few emails, the vision for the website was set and repalogic went to work. Not only was great importance placed on design and user-friendliness, but above all a high technical standard was set.

I am very happy with my website and look forward to continuing to work with repalogic.

Kristina Brauer photostudio - kristina brauer

For years, repalogic has been convincing with its unbelievable expertise, even with unusual requests in the area of "knitting". The team is always friendly and very innovative, no matter how unusual the questions are. The competence and helpfulness is outstanding in all respects.

An idea is born in my head, I formulate it and it is immediately implemented with creativity, joy and verve.

Angelika Wieland owner, strick & Wollart

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get in touch for a free consulting

Your consultant at repalogic GmbH

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Key Account Manager
Sales & Marketing
+49 7575 - 7180 951
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TYRIOS Function List

TYRIOS has grown into a powerful system with an incredible number of functions. In the function list we describe the most important functions, sorted by application area.

With the help of our customers and their requirement descriptions, we are constantly developing TYRIOS further. 

With TYRIOS always up to date - the power of digital business!

PDF-Sheet of TYRIOS Functionlist


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