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TYRIOS for Eventmanager

The intelligent event planner tool

man and woman at a concert ground ready to set up

Event organization re-thought

TYRIOS supports you in the planning and implementation of your event. From the idea to ticket sales and interactive communication with your guests during the event, TYRIOS is your digital assistant. With TYRIOS e-Cash you even have an event-internal means of payment for your catering.

Event planner with pen and tablet, in the background a stage and audience on chairs

Your business, your image, your website

Give your business a digital face and invite your customers to browse your store or digital storefront.

You can choose from a variety of ready-made color palettes and font combinations to quickly create a basic design for your website. With an easy-to-use editor you can combine ready-made components with a few clicks and quickly create layouts and sophisticated pages - even without HTML knowledge.

With TYRIOS, all components are built according to the mobile-first principle and are therefore always responsive. That gives bonus points in SEO!

If there's nothing to your taste, we'll implement any design you want - from individual components to the entire web presence!

Sreenshots of Preium websites on a laptop and a desktop computer

Website, blog or product information page

Create your website, product page or maintain one or more blogs. Create a landing page or a portfolio with image gallery. With TYRIOS page you can do all this - and much more - on a single website.

Present your business or market your products. As unique as you are.

With TYRIOS you will reach your goals!

Several smartphones on one table

Responsive Templates

In our WYSIWYG editor you have various templates at your disposal, with which you can design your page with just a few clicks. If you wish, we can also create templates specifically for your needs and integrate them into your editor so that you can reuse them at any time.

Internet and intranet on one website

Share your content with whoever you want - and only with whoever you want! In addition to publicly available areas, you can set up as many private or VIP areas as you like for staff, customers and partners. This way you can not only share content with authorized users, but also grant access to internal data and forms. All in one system - efficient and cost-effective.

Your website becomes the administration center and the central digital platform for your entire staff, your customers and your partners!

TYRIOS from the cloud to your business!

Graphic for assigning rights for intranet and internet on a website

Smart media management & streams

Pictures and videos say more than a thousand words. TYRIOS page optimizes your media automatically. That means you upload your image in the best possible quality and size to the media library and TYRIOS automatically fits them into your website. Intelligent media optimization makes browsing your website a pleasant experience - even on mobile devices with slow internet connections.

Videos can be streamed without redirecting to YouTube or Vimeo on external video platforms. Of course, you can provide media in the form of documents, zip or audio files with TYRIOS page.

Once uploaded, automatically distributed by TYRIOS!

Screenshots of various media float on a mobile phone

User groups and customer accounts

With TYRIOS you have the possibility to manage several users under one customer number. Companies, families or clubs can buy with a shared customer account at individual conditions.

Furthermore, you can divide your customers into individual groups via user groups. This allows you to organize all your marketing and sales activities easily and clearly. With the help of group-specific permissions, you can even activate entire page areas for individual groups (VIP areas, ...) and customers can activate individual areas on your site.

TYRIOS, organize your customers!

Known and anonymous clientele

Your customers are not always known by name. No problem, TYRIOS creates different levels for them. Depending on their status as blank, guest or full user.

That means: those I don't know anything about yet (e.g. trade fair contacts), those of whom I have the basic data and those who can register themselves in the system. All customers can be recorded centrally in TYRIOS and targeted - via the website, in mobile apps, at the point of sale, and of course at trade fairs and events.

All your store information in one place

TYRIOS order offers you the decisive functions for digitizing your business processes. This is where the most important areas of your company come together at a central point. This is where customer data is linked with product data, where offers become orders, and where customer inquiries are received via the online store. Every order is controlled and processed centrally here.

TYRIOS order is the central control unit for the success of your business. All sales-relevant processes come together here.

All the information about your business in one place

Real reviews for your website

Customers orientate themselves on other customers. Use your regular customers and their ratings for your sales. Connected with TYRIOS order or TYRIOS pos you can integrate customer reviews and display them on your website. Convince your customers with real reviews of your product and your company.

Top ratings - top service - top sales

Product development with the help of reviews
Clear feedback about the quality and handling of your products help you to improve and further develop your products, respectively your product selection. With the help or customer journeys.

Ask your customers systematically about all product features that are important to you and store the results in a structured way. With TYRIOS pim, you gain targeted and sustainable support for your product development, your product range selection and your quality management!

With the customer and for the customer - with TYRIOS!

Someone submits an online review

Payment methods, individually adjustable

The right choice of payment methods is crucial for your eCommerce success. Your conversion rate depends largely on which payment methods you make available to your customers. Here you are on the safe side with TYRIOS. This is because our modular eCommerce system allows you to define the possible payment methods completely freely.

With TYRIOS, all relevant payment methods are available. You can define for each user which payment method should be offered at what cost. Offer your regular customers "purchase on account", while new customers can get an additional discount for prepayment. Of course, you can always connect external payment providers to your payment methods. A large number of ready-made interfaces are already available!

Powerful payment system - individually controllable.

Smiling woman on sofa with laptop and mobile phone shopping online

Get in touch

get in touch for a free consulting

Your consultant at repalogic GmbH

Sebastian Fruchtzweig
Key Account Manager
Sales & Marketing
+49 7575 - 7180 951
+49 7575 - 7180 935

TYRIOS Function List

TYRIOS has grown into a powerful system with an incredible number of functions. In the function list we describe the most important functions, sorted by application area.

With the help of our customers and their requirement descriptions, we are constantly developing TYRIOS further. 

With TYRIOS always up to date - the power of digital business!

PDF-Sheet of TYRIOS Functionlist


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